‘Big Brother’: Julie Chen’s Latest Dress Channels Spider-Man Says Fans

Big Brother host Julie Chen surprised fans with her latest eviction night outfit. No, it wasn’t ill-fitting or the ugliest thing one could pick out of a thrift store. It resembled a certain web-slinging superhero’s look and people were quick to spot the similarity. Especially BB reddit members who trolled the long-time face of the franchise with hilarious pictures and comments.

Big Brother: Was Julie Chen Going For Spider-Man?

While Halloween isn’t for another couple of months, someone should probably tell Julie Chen and her stylist team. Because her latest Big Brother outfit appears to be an attempt at channeling her inner Spider-Man. Maybe she watched Far From Home and thought the colors would look great on her up on the Big Brother stage.

Julie has definitely been known to dress in some questionable outfits, but this one just might take the cake. Big Brother viewers spotted the coincidence almost instantaneously and took to social media in order to share their thoughts on the matter. It resulted in some pretty funny jokes and a brand new Julie Chen theme-song!

Big Brother Fans Create Julie Chen Theme Song – Spider Chen Jokes Continue

This particular outfit has sparked people online to come up with their very own theme song. It’s a spin-off of The Simpsons Movie‘s hit “Spider Pig.” But instead, they’ve inserted Julie Chen’s secret identity Spider-Chen into the lyrics. It goes, “Spider-Chen, Spider-Chen, does whatever a Moonves does, can it sling some real tea? Look out, here comes the Spider-Chen!”

Another reddit user had a different play of mind after a fan pointed out Julie’s constant and drastic changes in style. Some wondered if she picked her own clothes and this person stated, “with great power, comes great Chensposibility.”

Or Was Julie Really Going For The Flintstones Look on BB21?

One other observation about Julie’s interesting outfit choice was that it reminded fans of the epic Flintstones franchise. So much so that someone pointed out that her dress would be the result of Fred Flintstone and Betty Rubble’s outfits having a baby. The colors and the leopard print really seal the deal for this fan’s theory. What do you think? Does Julie’s dress resemble Spider-Man or The Flintstones?

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