‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: New Bayleigh Hate-Speech Slur Against JC – Calls Him ‘Munchkin’ and More

Big Brother Spoilers reveal Bayleigh Dayton used several derogatory terms, again, when talking about JC Mounduix.  According to live feed watchers, the most offensive were “Little Munchkin” and “Little Thing”.  The term “Little Thing” is a deviation from the acceptable phrase “Little Person” (which technically JC is not).  And “Munchkin” is considered a highly offensive hate-speech slur in the little person community when used in a negative context.

Previous slurs used in Big Brother house

As viewers saw, Bayleigh Dayton used the term “m*dget” in the past when talking to JC Mounduix.  JC calmly explained to Bayleigh that that term is considered offensive and compared it to someone using the term “F*ggot” against gays (which he is) and the n-word when used to slur African-Americans.

Viewers are divided on how JC handled his explanation and his academic use of the N-word.  He apologized to Bayleigh and during his apology, Bayleigh again used the slur “F*ggot” even after JC told her it was offensive to the gay community.

JC Mounduix and his use of the N-word on BB20

JC Mounduix is not from America. English is not his first language.  At the time he used the n-word, most viewers commented that he didn’t realize how sensitive the word is to African Americans – even when used in an abstract explanation. It was a wake-up call for him and he learned how emotional and volatile the word is. JC hasn’t used it since then.

Bayleigh Dayton and her use of slur and hate-speech words

In contrast, Bayleigh continued to use the word “F*ggot” in front of him.  Bayleigh knew the word “M*dget” was an offensive slur, but explained it was okay since she used it in the form of a question.  She further explained that her use of the derogatory expression “f*ggot” was okay because JC (who is gay) had also used the word. While she was using these words, JC was openly teared-up as live viewers saw.

In the Diary Room, JC told an emotional and heartbreaking story about his life and his hardships.  He’s extremely short, gay, and has a thick accent.  He said he’s discriminated against on three different levels constantly. Bayleigh Dayton also told an emotional story about her life. She feels discriminated against because of the color of her skin.

Bayleigh, however, grew up with a life of privilege. Her family vacations in luxury destinations like Dubai and Cuba.  She’s beautiful and smart. She used her looks and brains to become a contestant in the Miss USA pageant. No doubt she’s experienced some discrimination, but compared to JC, it seems like she’s had a pretty nice life.

Bayleigh’s new attack on JC – calls him “Little Munchkin”- Big Brother Spoilers ahead

It all started when Bayleigh won HOH and was discussing nominations with Faysal. Bayleigh wants to nominate JC and said, “if I don’t nom JC that little thing has to be loyal.” Why mention his size? Couldn’t she just say “he needs to be loyal”?

On the live feeds at 3:15 pm today, Bayleigh followed it up by calling JC “this little munchkin.”

This isn’t the first season that the Big Brother house had houseguests use offensive slurs and it probably won’t be the last.  Some cast members even left the BB house only to find they had lost their job because of things they said on the live feeds.

CBS, to their credit, has done a pretty good job of covering the topic.  One thing is for sure, many houseguests are in for a rude surprise when they go home and see how their words have created much outrage on social media.

Let’s hope Bayleigh cuts this out – but it’s also important to note that none of the houseguests she was talking to asked her to stop. That’s not okay either.

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