‘Big Brother’ FOUTTE: Bayleigh, Haleigh, Fessy, Rockstar, Scottie – Worst Alliance in BB History?

Big Brother has had many bad alliances in past seasons. But is the BB20 FOUTTE the worst alliance in BB history? Bayleigh Dayton, Haleigh Broucher, Faysal Shafaat (Fessy), Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and Scottie Salton are all that’s left of FOUTTE.

Spoiler Alert: It looks Bayleigh Dayton may be on her way out the door this Thursday on eviction night.

On paper, the FOUTTE alliance should have dominated the house from the beginning. They had the numbers, they had the wins, they had the advantages. Still, week after week we watched Fessy’s jaw drop every time the eviction vote was a blindside.

What makes this alliance so bad at the Big Brother game?

FOUTTE started with a majority in the Big Brother house

The FOUTTE alliance began with seven houseguests.  Their rival, Level 6, only had six members.

The FOUTTE alliance members were:

  • Bayleigh Dayton
  • Chris “Swaggy C” Williams
  • Faysal Shafaat (Fessy)
  • Scottie Salton
  • Angie “Rockstar” Lantry
  • Haleigh Broucher
  • Kaitlyn Herman

The Level 6 alliance members were:

  • Winston Hines
  • Brett Robinson
  • Kaycee Clark
  • Tyler Crispen
  • Angela Rummans
  • Rachel Swindler

FOUTTE made two crucial mistakes at the beginning of season 20

First, they didn’t babysit the more unstable members of the alliance.  Their failure to keep tabs on their members made Kaitlyn a secret defector. Kaitlyn lost trust in her alliance and, when she was HoH, that’s why she evicted Swaggy C, a top member of the FOUTTE alliance.  She did this while still trying to maintain membership in the alliance.

Second, The FOUTTE alliance didn’t try to bond with the rest of the house.  Instead, they lived in their own bubble inside the BB20 house. Sam and JC were swing votes and were scooped up as affiliates of the Level 6 alliance.  These two votes were up for grabs, and FOUTTE made no moves to secure those votes.

FOUTTE won more HoH competitions

The FOUTTE alliance has won three HoH competitions (Kaitlyn, Scottie, and Bayleigh).  Level 6 had only one a single HoH (Tyler) until Angela just won the current competition.

During Kaitlyn’s HoH, she evicted Swaggy C (her alliance member).

Scottie was successful in getting Winston evicted – this was a true win for FOUTTE.

Bayleigh targeted Brett in her HoH but wound up getting blindsided. She only evicted Level 6’s weakest player, Rachel – a pawn. Bayleigh and Rachel actually had a bond and probably could have allied later in the game, but Bayleigh misplayed her HoH.


The doomed alliance had many wins, advantages and powers

Until Angela won the last POV, FOUTTE had won three out of the five competitions. Their wins still didn’t keep them from getting blindsided.

This season of Big Brother has also had a massive amount of powerful advantages. Almost all have gone to FOUTTE alliance members.

Haleigh won the Hacker competition and all the insane powers that come with it. But she misused the power and now her closest friend in the house, Bayleigh, will probably be going home because of it.

Spoiler: Bayleigh’s Identity Theft app may go unused

Bayleigh has the “Identity Theft” Power app and could have used it to control the nominations. This power would have kept her safe and guaranteed that at least one of her Level 6 rivals remained on the block.  Combined with Haleigh’s Hacker Advantage, a Level 6 member would probably get evicted this week. But now it looks like Bayleigh will leave the BB20 house with her advantage unused.

The “Identity Theft” app became a double edge sword for Bayleigh. She told Rachel about her special power, and it put a target on her back. Most of the house wants the power gone as soon as possible. The only way to get rid of the power is to blindside Bayleigh.  According to Big Brother spoilers, it looks like that’s what will happen.

The FOUTTE alliance won more of the HoH comps, several POVs, the most powerful app power, and an insanely powerful hacker advantage. Still, they managed to flush away all their advantages and get blindsided almost every week even when they hold power.

Finally, there was the “Bonus Life” app.  Although won by Sam, the power went to Kaitlyn, an original FOUTTE member.  In a competition that many BB20 fans think was rigged, Kaitlyn couldn’t even solve a simple children’s puzzle to stay in the game.  Another blown opportunity.

What happened to FOUTTE on BB20?

The alliance is like a very dysfunctional family.  They let drama and emotions rule their decisions.

Kaitlyn was mad at Shaggy C for innocuous comments. And then she became furious at her best friend Fessy for trying to start a showmance with Haleigh.

Haleigh (even though she doesn’t want a showmance with Fessy) was jealous of the attention Fessy was giving Kaitlyn.

Rockstar blew up at Brett over a lie and put a target on her back by going “Evel Dick” on him and banging pots and pans, annoying the house.

Bayliegh threatened her alliance members with mock violence during her HoH and turned some of them against her.

Scottie decided to create mistrust among the FOUTTE alliance by flipping his vote against Swaggy C. It backfired when he revealed his vote to Bayleigh and now FOUTTE doesn’t trust him. Bayleigh wants him gone.

The good news is that the emotional drama, disastrous HoH reigns, failed use of advantages, backstabbing, and everything else have made this one of the best seasons of Big Brother in years.

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