BB20 Hacker App: Haleigh’s Insane Super Power – Tyler Target of Biggest Big Brother Advantage Ever

Big Brother spoilers show that Haleigh Broucher won the Hacker competition and used it against Tyler Crispen. Her BB20 Hacker app gave her some insane powers, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Spoiler Alert: After Angela Rummans won HoH, she nominated Scottie Salton and Angie “Rockstar” Lantry.  Later the Hacker competition was played. In secret, Haleigh won the Hacker advantage.

Haleigh Broucher’s Hacker App Advantage Power

Haleigh’s hacker advantage allows her to pull a nominee off the block, AND put up the replacement nominee, AND pick a Veto player, AND nullify a vote during the eviction ceremony. Many fans think this is one of the most powerful advantages ever to grace the game of Big Brother.  Before this power, the Coup d’Etat was considered the most powerful.

Everything looked good for the Level 6 alliance. Then Haleigh Broucher secretly played her Hacker advantage. Haleigh used her power to take Scottie off the block. Then she put Tyler Crispen up in his place.

The more skeptical Big Brother fans wonder if the power was made insanely powerful to help protect Bayleigh Dayton who didn’t use her “identity theft” advantage power app to keep herself safe this week.

Bayleigh is currently driving ratings for the show, and CBS probably wants to keep her.  When Bayleigh did not use her power, she left herself vulnerable to a back door.

The Big Brother Veto Competition

Big Brother players were picked for the Veto competition according to Big Brother Network.  Angela is playing as Head of Household, and Rockstar and Tyler Crispen are playing as the nominees. Brett Robinson and Scottie are also going to play in the veto comp. The Hacker advantage left it to Haleigh Broucher to pick the last player.  In a strange turn of events, Haleigh Broucher picked Kaycee Clark to play.  Her choice indicates Haleigh doesn’t know about the Level 6 alliance and also that she doesn’t trust Faysal Shafaat (Fessy).

Picking Kaycee to play was probably a bad move on Haleigh’s part. Tyler Crispen has been playing a great game. He is close to all the players in the veto competition, except for Rockstar.  Mother of three Rockstar has yet to win anything and leaks from BB20 reveal that the competition will involved balancing a ball.  Jesse, Mr. Pec-Tacular, was the guest host.

Angela, Brett, and Kaycee are all part of Tyler’s Level 6 alliance, so a win by any of them should keep him safe.  Scottie considers Tyler to be an ally and will probably keep him safe over his FOUTE alliance member.  His alliance has been turning their back on Scottie, and he’s currently trying to rebuild relationships.

Big Brother Spoiler Update: Angela won the Power of Veto competition.

Will Tyler Crispen Come Off the BB20 Block?

Angela is sure to use the POV on Tyler. If Tyler comes off the block, Bayleigh is very likely to go up as his replacement.  Bayleigh made a lot of enemies last week with her dictatorship style HoH, and many people want her to go home.  When evicted, Bayleigh has only herself to blame for not using her “identity theft” app to keep herself safe.

Haleigh will also deserve part of the blame.  She should have chosen her FOUTTE alliance member, Fessy, to play.  Fessy is extremely loyal and would leave Tyler on the block.

The last part of Haleigh’s power is the nullification of a houseguests vote.  She will probably pick one of Bayleigh’s enemies (Like JC Mounduix) and nullify his vote. But it appears like Tyler has enough votes to stay in the house.

When Haleigh used her Hacker power, it may have set in motion the eviction of her closest friend in the house, Bayleigh.

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