Big Brother: Bayleigh Dayton Loses Chance at Final 3 with Dictatorship HOH Style?

Big Brother‘s Bayleigh Dayton may not make to the final 3 because of her abusive dictatorship style reign as HoH.  Bayleigh had all the makings of a great Big Brother player.  She’s smart, strong, and beautiful.  These traits have taken other Big Brother players to the end. But it looks like her strong arm tactics after winning HoH have made many houseguests see her as more of a bully than an ally.

Bayleigh Dayton’s Shaky Start on Big Brother 20

During the first two weeks of BB20, everyone in the house was building relationships and creating bonds.  Bayleigh Dayton focused on getting closer to Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.  Her relationship did, however, get her into the FOUTTE alliance.

During the first couple of weeks, Swaggy and Bayleigh were a power couple and thought they were running the game.  The duo put themselves at the top of their alliance with a “my way or the highway” attitude.

Their egotism was enough to agitate one of their alliance members, Kaitlyn Herman. She nominated and evicted Swaggy when she became HOH.  Kaitlyn’s defection should have taught Bayleigh a valuable lesson – treat your alliance members as equals, or become a target.

Bayleigh Dayton tried to regroup after Swaggy’s eviction, but she was playing a game of catch-up.

To her credit, she made a smart move when she comforted Kaitlyn after the eviction. Her mock sympathy towards Kaitlyn was a huge move that took a target off her back.

She began bonding with Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler, but the two were already solid “Level 6” alliance members.

Bayleigh’s Reign as HOH on BB20

When Bayleigh won the Head of Household competition, she immediately declared herself the “Queen of the House” and began making rookie moves. Instead of using her win to build relationships she began to bully fellow houseguest into doing what she wanted.

She demanded everyone in the house be on Team Bayleigh.  She didn’t ask, she threatened. Under duress, everyone agreed.  Of course, cast members will agree to anything to stay off the block. But in reality, their fingers were probably crossed behind their backs. Who wants to ignore the demands of the HOH, to their face, while they are in power?  In the end, all Bayleigh Dayton achieved was lip service while not developing any true allies.

Bayleigh is targeting potential allies

While Bayleigh has been getting closer to her FOUTTE alliance member Haleigh Broucher, it’s not where she should be focusing her attention.  Hayleigh is in a “flirtmance” with Fessy, and the two seem to be each other’s ride-or-dies.

Bayleigh needs to be shoring up her bonds with other houseguests if she wants to get farther in the game. Scottie Salton and JC Mounduix would make excellent partners if she would just play nice.

The gamer Scottie and Bayleigh

Scottie is a member of FOUTTE, but it appears that Bayleigh Dayton doesn’t think he should be.  After Scottie celebrated with Bayleigh and other FOUTTE members in the pantry, she went to the diary room. She said “Scottie, what were you doing here?” Maybe she just forgot that Scottie is a founding member of FOUTTE.

The gaming geek, Scottie, would make an obvious alliance member for Bayleigh to bring onboard. But instead, she immediately began bullying him with threats.  After she won HoH, Scottie went to her Head of Household room, and she told him, “You’re freaking crazy, and you do a lot of weird stuff. I need you to be like Team Bay.”

While not a good way to build a relationship, Scottie would have probably ignored it. But then she followed it up with a pretty harsh violent threat.

She warned Scottie what she would do to him if he didn’t support her.

Bayleigh said to Scottie
“I will literally find you and like literally cut you up into pieces. Gut you inside out, and I will lay your intestines out, okay?”

Later she talked about putting Scottie on the block.  If she does, it would be the second time a FOUTTE member has put one of their own up for eviction.

JC and Bayleigh

Another obvious choice is JC. He would make a great ride-or-die because he is a free agent.  He’s not officially part of FOUTTE or Level 6.

Instead, Bayleigh threatened him and made him swear his allegiance to Team Bayleigh.  JC is a smart player and has been looking for a home.  He’s been playing both sides against each other but needs to find a true partner soon.

Fessy is his closest friend, so an alliance with Bayliegh would shore up the FOUTTE alliance.  But it appears like Bayleigh wants JC out as soon as possible.

Bayleigh called JC into her room and ordered him to be loyal to her. Of course, he agreed. She later threatened to put him up as a pawn.

Later in the diary room, JC said “Are you, crazy girl? Is this how you want me to start working with you? You must be out of your mind.” His words make it obvious that JC swore his allegiance to Bayleigh but would have no problem going against her.

Fessy and Bayleigh

Faysal Shafaat (Fessy) had a talk with Bayleigh about not putting JC up as a pawn. He made a very sound case and laid out the pros and cons to his fellow alliance member.

Later, a very agitated Bayleigh ordered Fessy into her room. She was with Hayleigh, and the two ganged up on him. She pointed her finger at him and said: “If you keep sticking your neck out for this crazy little Tasmanian devil over your Bay and over you Hay we will literally step on you.”

Hayleigh then piles onto Fessy calling his loyalty into question.

What wasn’t shown on the air was Bayleigh using some slurs against JC, calling him “Munchkin” and more. Her words, which were heard by live feed watchers, turned many fans against Bayleigh.

Later in the diary room, Bayleigh said “Fessy is getting my last nerve. She said this is her HoH and she will put up JC if she wants to. She ended her rant with a “zip your mouth” motion with her hands. Previously she had used some anti-muslim descriptions while talking about Fessy.

Bayleigh’s future in the BB20 House

The beauty pageant winner will soon find out that it takes more than good looks to win at Big Brother.  Very few houseguests have fared well after lording their HoH powers with threats over their fellow cast members.

She probably feels more secure than the other head of households because she won a power app. Her “Identity Theft” power allows her to control nominations until there are only eight players left. But Level 6 knows about her power and Tyler Crispen has hatched a plan to neutralize it.

The silver lining is that volatile Kaitlyn Herman now has a replacement to keep fans entertained. Many fans thought BB20 might get boring without Kaitlyn’s antics, but it looks like Bayleigh has stepped up to the plate to make this the best season in years.

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