‘Big Brother’: Tyler Crispen is the True ‘Evil Genius’ of BB20 – Here’s Why…

Big Brother’s Tyler Crispen may be the true ‘Evil Genius’ of the BB20 season. He’s playing a game of 3D chess and is always four moves ahead of the other players. Best of all, the other Big Brother houseguests don’t have a clue to the genius of the Hilton Head Island lifeguard.

Tyler Crispen is playing both sides of the house and has managed to snake his way out of situations that would expose his alliances with both sides of the Big Brother house.

What the Big Brother 20 Houseguests think

In The Usual Suspects, Roger Kint (aka Keyser Söze), said, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” As we learned from the film, Söze was the true evil genius, but made everyone think the mastermind was someone else.

The Big Brother houseguests think they just voted out the evil genius, Kaitlyn Herman. Rockstar thinks Scottie Salton is the evil genius of the house.  The BB20 house has not even considered Tyler Crispen as the true evil genius.

In week one, Tyler Crispen was HoH and evicted Steve with barely any blood on his hands. Then he controlled the eviction of Swaggy C when Kaitlyn Herman was HoH. Many fans call it Tyler’s second HoH win.

Kaitlyn Herman, after her Big Brother eviction, posted a video that she had feelings for Tyler. He had her wrapped around his finger.

Scottie lost his title of BB20 Evil Genius

When Scottie Salton flipped his vote and voted for Swaggy (Chris Williams) while wearing a Swaggy C shirt, he won the crown of evil genius. His plan was solid.  He was the lowest person in the FOUTTE alliance.  By causing distrust among his alliance, he hoped to climb to the top. It was a good evil Big Brother plan.

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry was the only one to realize what Scottie had done, but no one believed her. It was too crazy to be true and made her look unstable.  Rockstar has very good instincts, but her FOUTTE alliance members never listen to her.  She has been telling the Big Brother cast that Tyler is controlling the game and no one believes her.

Scottie confessed to Bayleigh Dayton that he was the vote flipper.  It was a bad move. He probably did this to garner trust with Bayleigh. It backfired, and now Bayleigh wants Scottie gone.  With his confession, Scottie lost the trust of his alliance, and it may very well end his game.

Tyler Crispen has made several big moves, and the Big Brother house is clueless.  His moves have come with great risk, but Tyler has skillfully maneuvered his way out of situations that would send most players packing.

Tyler’s vote flip

Tyler promised the FOUTTE side of the house that he would vote out Brett Robinson. Instead, he secretly flipped and voted our Winston Hines.

If caught, Tyler knew this would let the FOUTTE alliance know he had chosen a side.  Once this was known, Tyler Crispen would probably be the next one to go home.

However, he was able to convince Kaitlyn that he was not the vote flipper.  He let Kaitlyn believe that her psychic intuition that told her a power app created the hinky vote was true.

Tyler finds a way out of his latest tight spot

Tyler won the last Power of Veto. Many BB20 fans thought Tyler should have thrown the competition.  It put a target on his back (as a competition winner) and will now make him show his hand. No matter which way he played the veto, he would betray one side of the house. Or would he?

In the live feeds, Tyler explained to his Level 6 alliance friends that if he used the power, Bayleigh will simply put up another Level 6 member and they would still be down a member.  He convinced his Level 6 alliance that not using the POV was best for everyone. Of course, the rest of Level 6 was okay with this because it will keep them safe.  Brett, of course, wanted Tyler to use it on him, but Tyler assured Brett that he has the votes to stay.

In this move, Tyler kept himself safe by winning the Power of Veto and made his Level 6 alliance agree with his decision not to use it. Plus, it made Bayleigh, and the other side of the house think Tyler has no allies.

Spoiler Alert: Tyler did not use his power of veto to save one of his Level 6 alliance members. This has not yet aired on CBS Big Brother.

Once again, Tyler skillfully walked a tightrope without falling off.

Tyler Crispen deceives Bayleigh Dayton

Tyler is a solid member of Level 6 and is in tight with everyone inside the house. However, he made Bayleigh think Kaitlyn was his ride-or-die and now he’s all alone in the game since her eviction.  Bayleigh wants to team up with Tyler because he has no one. She thinks they are in the same boat now that he lost Kaitlyn like she lost Swaggy C.

Bayleigh is about to let the fox into the hen house.

His latest evil plan

Tyler knows Bayleigh has a special power.  Her identity theft power app allows her to take over an HoH’s nominations if she uses it during a nomination ceremony. She didn’t have to use it this week because Bayleigh is the current Head of Household.

Live feeds have shown Tyler kept Bayleigh’s HoH nominations the same. Bayleigh is now confident that Tyler Crispen is loyal to only her.

Tyler’s new plan is to convince Bayleigh that she is safe until after next week’s nomination ceremony. Why wouldn’t she trust him? After all, he proved himself loyal to her.

If Bayleigh doesn’t use her power at the next nomination ceremony, then it’s worthless for the rest of the week. Tyler Crispen then wants to backdoor Bayleigh and get rid of the power for good. Most of the Big Brother houseguests like this plan as they want the power out of the house.

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