‘Big Brother’: Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C – New House, Wedding, Baby Plans

Big Brother couple Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C (Christopher Williams) made a big purchase together – it’s a house! The couple met each other on BB20. That season was filled with many showmances with Swayleigh being one of them. Since day one, Swaggy and Bay spent every moment together.

However, their time together was cut short when the BB20 house blindsided Swaggy C and evicted him. Once evicted, Chris Williams continued to support Bayleigh outside of the house. He even took their relationship to the next level when he proposed to her at the finale. They may be out of the Big Brother house, but now they are in a house of their own.

Big Brother – Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C Move In Together Again

Bayleigh and Swaggy C are making moves this year. The BB20 showmance pair (one of many from the recent season) are moving into a house they purchased together. The couple is excited to see what the new year will bring them. They feel very blessed and don’t want to take anything for granted. They can’t wait to start making their house a home. It’ll be less tense than the Big Brother house for sure.

During season 20 of Big Brother, Swayleigh only spent a short amount of time together. Swaggy C was the second houseguest to be eliminated. However, now the couple gets to live together once again. This time in the real world. They also don’t have to worry about getting evicted. Perks of being a homeowner.

Bayleigh Totally Committed to Her man

In an Instagram post, the Big Brother star let her followers know that she has started packing and moving into the house she purchased with Swaggy C. Bayleigh Dayton knew that there would come a day where she would move out of her family home. However, she didn’t know that she was going to be so emotional about it. She ensures her followers that she will share everything with them because they have become family to her.


Bayleigh takes moving and marriage very seriously. In another Instagram post, she stated that she will never “take this blessing for granted”. Even when Swaggy C was evicted from the Big Brother house, Bayleigh was still all in with their relationship. She often spoke to the cameras hoping he would be watching the live feeds. Everything she did in the game was for the best for both of them.

BB20 Swaggy C Excited About Man Cave

On his IG, Swaggy C expressed that he thinks this year is going to be excellent. He bought a house with his future wife and he even gets a room to himself. In their basement, Williams says has his very own man cave. In addition, the Big Brother couple also has a YouTube room. According to Swaggy C, they also have a decent sized backyard.

Swaggy C isn’t the only one who has his own getaway room. Bayleigh has her very own room solely for herself. She has a yoga room where she can escape to for a little relaxation. Surely, she is going to need a little relaxing after doing all that moving. The next step for Swayleigh is marriage.

It is not known when the wedding is, but according to an Instagram by Bayleigh Dayton, this was her last Christmas as a “Dayton Girl”. It looks like the wedding will be sometime this year. The pair just got back from an extended trip to Thailand where they enjoyed fun in the sun. That was a nice break after dealing with the heartbreak of losing a pregnancy during BB20. Now they have a bright future ahead.

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