‘Big Brother’ Swaggy C and Bayleigh Married Months Ago – See The Proof

Big Brother news reveals Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and Bayleigh Dayton are promoting wedding plans via social media. But they married months ago. In their new video (see below), they are talking venues, cakes, best man, and officiant. Yet the two married months ago. It’s not clear why they’re hiding the fact they already married.

Maybe they’re angling for a TV wedding, given that Swaggy’s retweeted comments about that. But the fact is, they got married on February 17, 2019 and there is plenty of proof. We’ve got it all here for you. In their lengthy video, Swaggy C and spouse Bayleigh Dayton asked BB casting director Robyn Kass to officiate as she did for Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. Swaggy also asked Scottie Salton to be his best man.

Check the evidence below. Legal documents show they’ve been married for months.

Big Brother: Swaggy C and Bride Bayleigh Married Back in February

On their video, the pair are obviously hiding that they’re already married. It’s not clear why they’re fibbing, but they are. The official documents from their February wedding are below. Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and his now-wife Bayleigh Dayton obtained their marriage license on February 1, 2019 from the Jackson County Courthouse in Missouri. Then, they got married in Kingsville, Missouri 16 days later on February 17, 2019. They have been keeping it a secret for over four months.

Reverend Dr Rosetta Bryson officiated the ceremony that tied the knot for the Big Brother couple. Dr Bryson is an influential presence in the black community with ties to prominent figures in the Civil Rights movement. She grew up in Missouri, but now oversees a popular ministry in Fort Lauderdale. Bishop Bryson was one of just a few speakers at former DC Mayor Marion Barry’s funeral five years ago. So, why hide a wedding performed by someone so amazing?

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Bayleigh’s Mom Drops Instagram Posts Confirming Wedding Weekend

Aside from the 100% official documents from the Missouri wedding, there’s also social media posts from Bayleigh Dayton’s mother, Robin Dayton, about the wedding weekend. First, she posted on February 11 about Swaggy C’s family all coming to Missouri for the weekend. She said in her Instagram video “we’ve got some exciting activities this weekend”. The Big Brother pair married on Sunday, February 17.

Then on the day of their wedding, which also coincides with Big Brother alumnus Swaggy C Williams’ birthday, she posted a tribute to him writing “Happy birthday to my son” since as of that day, he was officially family. Despite the concrete proof of their marriage, on the video below, Bayleigh says “Swaggy’s never been to a wedding”. Why not just admit they were married and are now planning a follow-up event?

Swaggy C Gets The Go Ahead From Big Brother’s Robyn Kass

It seems that Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton’s Big Brother wedding dreams are coming true. According to a tweet posted by Swaggy earlier today, BB casting head Robyn Kass apparently said yes to officiating a wedding ceremony. But does she know they’re already married? And why not just admit it’s a vow renewal or explain what’s up with the second wedding while ignoring the first?

Robyn later replied to his tweets. She wrote “let’s do this” with a fun couple hashtag “Meet the Swaggys”. It brings Swaggy C Williams and his wife Bayleigh Dayton full circle. He popped the question during last year’s live Big Brother season finale. But why put up a video like this when they’re married already? Why not just be transparent with their fans?

‘Swayleigh’ Releases Wedding Planning Video

Big Brother wedding wouldn’t be complete without a former alliance member being your best man. Swaggy C and his wife Bayleigh Dayton made a wedding planning video where Swaggy asks his good friend Scottie Salton to be his best man during the ceremony. Of course, Scottie said yes because he has been a huge supporter of the couple since the beginning.

Also in the video, Bayleigh refers to herself as the “future Mrs Williams” but she is already legally Mrs Williams as of four months ago. So why the subterfuge? Are they angling for a televised wedding? The documents are above and are public record. Unless they got divorced between February and now (which seems unlikely), they are 100% legally married, according to the official documents.

So, while they’re certainly planning something, they already had a wedding. You can also scroll back to either of their IG timelines to that month and see them in Missouri and then what looks like enjoying a honeymoon at Universal Studios, Florida. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Swaggy C Williams as he and Bayleigh Dayton recently enjoyed their four-month wedding anniversary.

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