‘Big Brother’: Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton’s Latest Vacation Scheme

Big Brother stars Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams and Bayleigh Dayton are involved in with what looks like a new money-making scheme. The BB20 couple has apparently not learned from their previous event that being money-hungry is casting them in a negative light. First, it was the fallout from the controversial fundraiser for cancer survivor Kevin Schlehuber that put them in hot water. Now it’s advertising for vacation packages that seems to be quite misleading.

Big Brother: Swaggy C & Bayleigh Dayton’s New Money Scheme

Big Brother 20’s Swaggy C and his fiance Bayleigh Dayton AKA “Swayleigh” are embarking on another business venture. It looks like the couple has a paid partnership with Orlando Magical Getaway to sell hotel packages and various theme park tickets to fans.

The packages offer everything from Lego Land to Sea World. There are also ones for Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World. They even have a giveaway going on right now through Swaggy C’s Instagram for a three-day Islands of Adventure and Universal package. Sounds good, right? Keep reading.


Is It Just Another Scam To Get Money?

While it seems legit enough, Chris Williams (Swaggy C) and Bayleigh Dayton have done allegedly questionable things in the past to make a buck. Most notably was the fundraiser basketball game where Swaggy C initially said “most” the proceeds would go to BB19 cancer victim Kevin Schlehuber.

Then later, he said it would be a 60/40 split, with Kevin getting 40%. In the end, Swaggy and Fessy put at least $4k into their pockets and gave Kevin only $800. This time, it’s a travel sales package encouraging Swayleigh fans to live like the Big Brother couple.

The website shows an image of Bayleigh and Swaggy paired with the caption: “visit Orlando Florida like Bayleigh and Chris”. It seems to be trying to entice the couples’ fans who want to live like them to purchase these vacations. Also, fans might misunderstand and think they are vacationing with Bayleigh and Chris. There seems to be some information missing.

'Big Brother': Swaggy C - Bayleigh Dayton

Is Swaggy C & Bayleigh Dayton’s Travel Program Legit?

But the couple may have some legal issues with their travel promotion. If Big Brother‘s Swaggy and Bayleigh Dayton were simply selling vacations through a licensed Florida travel agent, they would be okay. But the two have created what seems to be a “sweepstakes” to market their venture.

Any type of giveaway is governed by strict Federal and state laws. A contest must clearly state who can enter, the duration, and most importantly how the winner is chosen. That is why legitimate giveaways have clearly-posted rules and disclaimers (i.e. must be over 18 to enter, etc.). None of the required elements are shown on their Instagram post or on the official webpage.

Big Brother Duo Breaking Rules Again?

But the biggest issue with the Big Brother pair’s giveaway is that they are asking people to comment and tag friends to enter. Asking people to “like”, “share”, “comment” or “tag” is seen as payment or “consideration” according to a legal expert in online sweepstakes law. This has now turned their promotion into a possible illegal lottery as it entails a prize, a chance, and asks for consideration.

Read this article by attorney Sara F. Hawkins geared towards bloggers and online influences. It covers the laws involved in online contests and has a section titled “Could my giveaway be an illegal lottery?” that’s worth reading.

Swaggy said he will chose winners – and it seems far from legit. All he says is “I’m still picking the free winner”, which likely doesn’t inspire much trust among fans. Another point of concern, is that in the fine print it says the vacation package will be used to solicit sales of vacation ownership plans. In other words, they are helping sell time share programs.

This Comes Just Weeks After Big Brother Cruise Debacle

The Orlando business venture comes just weeks after the mess involving the Big Brother cruise setting sailing next week. Supposedly, going on the cruise would be former BB winners like Josh Martinez and Andy Herren. But things fell apart so now only five Hive members including Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C will be on board.

The travel company Facebook blocked fans demanding refunds and questioning the guest list. The whole thing was eerily similar to the infamous Fyre Festival. Check out Bayleigh’s shirt in her IG post above, she is sending the message they are on the hustle. But are Big Brother fans their victims?

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