‘Big Brother’ 20 Spoilers: Bayleigh’s Anti-Muslim Hate Speech – Fessy Targeted On Live Feeds

Big Brother 20 spoilers from the live feeds show that Bayleigh Dayton is at it again, this time making derogatory remarks about Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat. This anti-Muslim hate speech is just the latest time Bay has targeted a houseguest behind their back with nasty remarks. Live feeds viewers for BB20 know this isn’t the first go-round with Bayleigh’s cultural insensitivity. This time, she targeted Fessy, who is a sweet guy and a fan favorite. He is Muslim but has never pushed his views on anyone or judged anyone based on his beliefs. Fessy just lives his life and enjoys the game.

What did Bayleigh Dayton say on the live feeds?

Bayleigh Dayton was in her HOH room when she started going off about the way that “they” do things. It was obvious she was talking about Muslims. You can watch the video from the feeds below to see that she was speaking to two female houseguests up in the HoH room. Bay went off about Faysal Shafaat and said that “Fessy should suck it” and “go find a virgin” then added, “go to Pakistan and go get you one.” To make it worse, she said, “that’s what ‘they’ do.” By “they” it was clear she meant Muslims.

She doesn’t say any of this to Fessy’s face, though. Instead, it was all to other people in the house. Haleigh Broucher and Angie “Rockstar” Lantry were in the Big Brother 20 HOH room when she was talking about Muslims and judging Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat for his beliefs. The send-off to this was that the houseguests were drinking and playing never have I ever, and he didn’t care for the drinking game.

The girls were upset that he didn’t want his showmance crush Haleigh Broucher drinking and talking about her past sexual encounters on camera. There’s a lot in the video and it’s certainly fair to have an opinion on Fessy’s opinions. But what riled up many Big Brother live feeds watchers was more speech from Bay that sounds hateful, calling out a specific group as “they” like she has done with gays and little people while in the BB20 house.

Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat has a strong Big Brother 20 social game

So far this season, Fessy has been cuddling with JC Monduix, who is gay. He has quietly gone about his daily prayers and Fessy doesn’t try to push his religion on anyone, even though it is important to him. Fessy was also on American Ninja Warrior and is training to do the show again. He works as a substitute teacher and works out all the time.

He seems like a good guy with strong beliefs who is interacting positively with people from obviously different backgrounds. Not only that, but Fessy is doing so with a lot of tolerance for lifestyles that are outside of his belief system. In fact, Fessy is showing open affection, friendship, and loyalty to people whose beliefs don’t align with his theism.


Bayleigh’s hurtful language in BB20

This season, Bayleigh Dayton has spewed hate speech more than once. She thought about putting JC up this week, but she didn’t do it. But said if she didn’t the “little munchkin” had better be loyal. She also called him a “little Tasmanian devil” and repeatedly used the m-word describing people of small stature and the awful word “f*gg*t” to describe gays on more than one occasion.

So far, Big Brother 20 production has edited out all of this hateful speech. They had just the one instance where she and JC had a tense confrontation and after that, ignored her ongoing name-calling. But if you watch live feeds, then you will see it.

They aren’t showing it on the live shows at all, though. It would be shocking if this recent anti-Muslim rant makes it on television either. A passionate thread on Reddit talks about how Bayleigh lost a lot of support in this game. People are not happy she called JC a little Tasmanian devil and a munchkin. Basically, they don’t feel it is fair for her to stereotype.

Bayleigh Dayton’s past

If you don’t know, Bayleigh Dayton is a beauty queen who comes from money. She is in the Big Brother 20 house but has complained about missing out on things by being there such as a family trip to Dubai and Cuba this summer. At the start of BB20, she had Swaggy C in the house with her and things were going great.

Swaggy C is gone, Bayleigh lost part of her alliance. Now she’s killing her game with her overly-aggressive attitude as HoH. Now that Bayleigh revealed her secret power app info to Rachel Swindler, it spread across the house like wildfire. If Bay’s sketchy comments about the LGBTQIA, little person, and Muslim communities don’t get her evicted, that power app probably will.

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