‘Big Brother’ 20: Bayleigh admits on camera she hates ‘White People’ – More BB20 Hate-Speech [VIDEO]

Big Brother’s Bayleigh Dayton said on a recent behind-the-scenes BB20 video that she doesn’t like “white people”.  This is another controversial comment made by the BB20 houseguest.

Apparently Bayleigh Dayton doesn’t realize there’s cameras in the Big Brother house catching every word she says.

Bayleigh Dayton’s previous hate-speech words on Big Brother

First, Bayleigh called out JC Mounduix for using the N-word as he explained that her using the term “m*dget” was just as offensive as the N-word. JC explained in academic terms the use of the words and also compared it the use of the “f*ggot” word for gays.  JC is gay, so the F-word is offensive to him.

Bayleigh defended herself by saying she used the word “m*dget” in the form of a question, so it was okay. However, she continued to use the word “f*ggot”, even after JC told her it was offensive. Again, she defended herself saying that JC also used the word even though he was close to tears when she kept on saying it.

Later, Bayleigh Dayton made some harsh anti-Muslim statements while talking about houseguest Faysal Shafaat (Fessy), who is Muslim.

And while HoH she again made insensitive comments using the slur word “Munchkin” while talking about JC and also called him a “little thing” and a “little Tasmanian devil.”

None of her comments about gays, little people or Muslims were made in an academic conversation around tolerance or appropriate language, but were done in a clearly hateful and derogatory tone.

Bayleigh Dayton says she doesn’t like white people

Now, in addition to using hate-speech against little people, Muslims, and the gay community, Bayleigh was caught on camera saying she doesn’t like white people.

Cameras caught her in a conversation with Rockstar talking about how Rockstar “hates” white people and she doesn’t like them either.

Here is a transcript of Bayleigh’s words:

Bayleigh: “You’re the only white person I know that hates white people.”

(Rockstar laughs)

Bayleigh: “Yes, you do.”

Bayleigh: “…normal white people. You don’t like them [any] more than I do.”

Bayleigh caught on video inside BB20 house

This video clip was sent in by a reader of SoapDirt.com. Apparently, it was Big Brother After Dark and not covered on the normal live feeds.  Normal live feed watchers would have caught this instantly, but this time her words fell below the radar. Until now.

There’s always controversy in the Big Brother house about language and correctness and BB20 is no exception. CBS and Big Brother even did a segment on it. However, the one houseguest this season to persist with troubling and insensitive language is Bayleigh Dayton.

She doesn’t understand why using the word m*dget or f*aggot is bad and did it repeatedly even when told the language was hurtful. Bayleigh said Fessy should “go to Pakistan and get himself a virgin” because “that’s what they do” – “they” being Muslims. Then Bayleigh called Scottie an “albino snake.”

Bayleigh harshly chastised BB20 houseguest Brett Robinson on the most recent BB20 episode for calling her “honey” and rightly so – but why can’t she see when her language is offensive? Brett immediately apologized, but Bayleigh would cut him off and not let him finish his apology.

BB20 Fans have noticed she never misses a chance to call out others, but seems to be tone-deaf when it comes to how she disparages people based on race, sexual orientation, and religion.

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