‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Fans Divided on JC N-Word Controversy

Big Brother spoilers reveal another blowout in the BB20 house. JC Mounduix (Joseph Charles Monduy) used the N-word in a conversation with Bayleigh Dayton, the only black person left in the house. Even though her showmance, Swaggy C, was evicted last week, she seems to be holding her own with the other houseguests. That is evident by the exchange she had JC because he used the N-word in a conversation.

Second time N-word used this season on Big Brother

Kaitlyn Herman used the N-word earlier in the season on BB20. Kaitlyn Herman used the N-word during the live feeds on Thursday, July 5.  She was in a conversation with Rachel Swindler and Angela Rummans about skin tones. CBS issued a reprimand at the time and warned about future use.

JC used the offensive term during the live feeds on Tuesday, July 17. The live broadcast did not show the incident with Kaitlyn. Millions of fans will not see JC’s conversation either. According to US Weekly, this situation appears to be a little different. JC wasn’t calling Bayleigh or anyone else the offensive term. He wasn’t singing it in a song. The 28-year-old professional dancer was making a comparison. Fans have divided on Social media. Is a punishment is justified or not?

In defense of BB20’s JC

JC is sensitive when it comes to discussing his 4-foot-8 stature because it’s been a lifelong stuggle. He admits he has a short fuse when someone asks him about it. The incident started when 25-year-old Bayleigh asked whether he is a dwarf. That set JC to try to explain to her in his usual way. The entire conversation might not be as harmful as it appears to be.

Sensitivity about his height combined with his thick accent might have made the conversation seem worse than it was intended to be. The shortest person on the show was trying to get his point across in the best way he knew how. Some people on social media are defending him based on the context. They said they understood the point he was trying to make.  Others condemned him by indicating he could easily have said “N-word” without actually saying the N-word, which he did.

M*dgets, f*ggots and N-word?

Bayleigh pressed the issue by asking “is there was a difference between a m*dget and a dwarf?”

Many little peoploe think the word “m*dget” is a vulgar slang term. In his frustration, JC  gave three examples of vulgar words: m*dget, f*ggots and the N-word. Admittedly, the situation could have been handled a little differently.

The N-word might be offensive to some, but to JC it’s the same as Bayleigh saying “m*dget”.  JC did the best he could in his explanation. He even became very transparent when he told her that he went to the doctor to find out why he was not growing. JC dug himself in deeper the more he tried to explain.

Judge for yourself. Should this cause a riff between JC and Bayleigh?

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