‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: JC Calls Tyler F**king Idiot – Scrambles To Save Himself

Big Brother spoilers tell us that Angela has become the new Head of Household this week. Which means Tyler Crispen is safe. Her two nominees on the block are Sam Blesdoe and JC Mounduix. Later Monday evening live feed viewers were able to see the golden power of veto comfortably around Kaycee’s neck yet again. Level 6 has been able to assure JC that he is not the target this week, but that has not made him feel safe.

Big Brother Spoilers: Tyler Crispen is Safe and Kaycee Decides Not to Use POV

The panic really began to set in for JC Mounduix – as it’s pretty clear Kaycee will not use the power of veto on either house guest at Monday’s PoV ceremony.

Big Brother spoilers show JC later met with Tyler Crispen in the storage closet to speak his mind. When Tyler tried to reassure JC of his safety this week, JC became more aggravated. Joker’s Updates is always first to report the live feeds action in the house. They noted JC’s outrage as he cursed Tyler after a tense conversation.

Big Brother Spoilers: JC Mounduix Starts to Scrambles

JC mentioned that Tyler Crispen was kept safe because of him and the manipulation he pulled with other Big Brother houseguests like Faysal Shafaat and Brett Robinson. He tells Tyler that if it was not for him, he would have been sent home a long time ago.

Big Brother live feeds showed JC saying “The whole season we were working together. I was telling you my plans. I kept you off of the block too. Don’t be so f*ing naive. You are pissing me off. You know damn well Faysal wanted you on the block. At least be a little bit grateful.”

JC Mounduix Paints a Target on His Back – BB20

When Angela’s week of HOH first began, she knew who was going to be the main target for eviction. Level 6 all agreed that Sam was the bigger threat when compared to JC. But with JC’s outburst toward Tyler Crispen stirring up the house, the main target may have changed. if JC would have just chilled and trusted his alliance members, he would have been fine this week.

JC also whispered to himself angrily, calling Tyler an “f-ing idiot” but Tyler might not have heard that last. Decide for yourself, has JC Mounduix agitated his Level 6 alliance for the last time? With the numbers getting smaller JC might have dug himself into a hole he can’t climb out of.

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