‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Brett And JC Turn on Tyler – Showmance Ruins a Perfect Game?

Big Brother spoilers tell us JC Mounduix has a new puppet to control in Brett Robinson. JC tried manipulating Tyler Crispen in the BB20 house. It didn’t work. He needs someone to control so he can play behind the scenes instead of front and center as HOH.

JC Mounduix is frantically trying to break up the not-so-secret showmance of Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans, affectionately known on social media as Tangela. Big Brother spoilers hint JC is jealous of Tyler and Angela’s relationship because JC himself has a crush on Tyler.

Big Brother Spoilers – JC Mounduix Convinces Brett They’re Tyler Crispen’s Targets

JC Mounduix has talked about how close Angela and Tyler Crispen are. The duo was seen holding hands and cuddling together in secret. Not only have Tyler and Angela grown close, but Angela and Kaycee as well. This Big Brother triangle grew very close these last couple of weeks leaving JC and Brett Robinson out of the loop on most gameplay decisions.

JC said the triumvirate of Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee leaves him and Brett the next logical targets. Of course, both know Haleigh Broucher and Sam Bledsoe are inevitably next to the block since both are threats to Level 6. Brett Robinson agreed with JC and said he would try to break up the “secret” Tangela showmance.

BB20’s Brett Robinson Gets Closer to Angela

Brett has been on the Big Brother live feeds talking to Angela more and more. Recently Brett gave Angela a back massage and JC walked in on them. JC saw this as a golden opportunity to stir drama between the BB20 couple. He blabbed to Tyler that Brett was massaging Angela and that Tyler should keep an eye on them.

JC later added that Angela’s shirt was off and made it sound much sketchier than it really was. To be fair, she was shirtless and lubricant was involved… Tyler Crispen seemed unruffled by the news at the time. But now BB20 live feeds show Tyler Crispen’s been talking to Level 6 about Brett being a threat to their game. Was this all a clever plan of deceit by JC Mounduix?

Brett Robinson Playing His Own Game Without JC?

According to Big Brother 20 live feeds, Brett might still be in lone wolf mode. In fact, he is trying to break up the tight-knit alliance of Tyler and Angela, but for his own benefit. Brett talked to Angela late Tuesday night about JC’s unpredictability. Angela said JC is very persuasive (she’s not wrong).

The two also talked about how Tyler’s gameplay might be too safe. The pair also dished about Tyler having no enemies in the jury house. Angela and Brett agreed that the BB20 jury, however, unilaterally hates them. That led to a discussion about an L6 F2 being mandatory.

JC’s Plan Backfires…

It sounds like seeds were planted for a potential Brett-Angela alliance, but Angela’s falling for Tyler Crispen, so maybe not. JC’s enraged about Tyler’s showmance and confronted him about it. It could wreck Tyler’s game and open the door for his ousting. JC’s plan was to break up Tangela it might backfire if it spawns a deal between Angela and Brett.

Remember, Tyler has four F2 deals – but not one of them is with Angela. She’s proven to be a ruthless game player and she might take down her boy toy. If she did, it doesn’t seem likely Tyler would foster any hard feelings. Someone has to win, after all.

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