‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: BB20 Sam Bledsoe – Having Mental Breakdown or Genius Gameplay?

Big Brother spoilers show Sam Bledsoe, the welder from North Carolina, has acted a little crazy in the BB20 house this week.  First, she flipped her vote against the house, then she tried to self-evict while in the diary room. Later, Sam scared JC Mounduix with a graphic description of “curb stomping.”

Sam Bledsoe is a very popular Big Brother player with America according to the latest Soap Dirt poll.

Sam Bledsoe’s real strategy on Big Brother?

Shortly after Swaggy C’s Big Brother eviction, live feed viewers witnessed Sam talking about a good strategy. Sam Bledsoe said she could get close to the players on the block right before their eviction. She said she would claim she’s all alone in the game and bond with them right before they left the house.

This strategy would go a long way in gaining jury votes because it would make Sam appear as their friend. It would also let the evicted houseguests know she wasn’t part of the group that sent them packing. Plus, it would send them out of the house with a last good impression of her. That convo happened weeks ago.

Then, when Bayleigh Dayton was on the block, Sam began trying to bond with her. She hadn’t really connected with Bayleigh before the beauty queen was on the chopping block. But as soon as Bayleigh was nominated, Sam was suddenly her new BFF. Sam further secured Bayleigh’s loyalty by announcing to the house that she gave Bayleigh a sympathy vote.

As other evicted houseguests leave, it will probably come to Bayleigh’s attention that Sam voted to keep her. Imagine how Bayleigh will feel knowing that her closest allies didn’t vote to keep her, but Sam did. If this is what Sam is doing, it could be an effective jury management strategy.

Sam’s threat to self-evict

Sam has talked about leaving the house. Monsters and Critics also said Sam may self-evict or be pulled out for medical reasons. She’s been going into the Diary Room and then coming out and talking about leaving the house and the game being too hard for her. This might be Sam flaking out – or it might be more subtle strategizing on her part.

It’s doubtful she’d really self-evict. No one has ever self-evicted from Big Brother once they’ve made to the jury stage. Plus, production works hard to talk them out of it. Once in the jury house, all you have to is swim, tan, read and watch Netflix to collect a check. Yes, the Big Brother jury house has Netflix. For all those reasons, self-eviction seems unlikely.

The only person to make it this far in the game and NOT go into the jury house (before final three) was Chima on Big Brother season 11.  She was expelled from the house and America voted in her place.

Is Sam fooling the houseguests or flaking out?

While Sam could be having a nervous breakdown in the BB20 house, there’s also the possibility that she wants to appear helpless. Sam has some true friends in the house. But when she says she wants to self-evict, she can make it appear to the outgoing evicted houseguests that she is not tied to anyone – which is good for her game.

Of course, this plan could backfire. People that don’t want to be in the game are often targets because it gives the HoH a reason to put someone on the block without getting any blood on their hands. If Sam really wants out of the house, dragging around and being negative is a good way to land on the block. Then again, maybe she’s smarter than the other HGs know.

Sam and Rockstar

Sam Bledsoe knows Angie “Rockstar” Lantry is the likely evictee this week. The votes are aligned against The Hive once again. If you watch the feeds, you’ll see that Sam has been spending lots of time with Rockstar while at the same time subtly pumping her for information.  Rockstar thinks she’s safe, but Sam warned her that she isn’t.

If Rockstar is evicted (as predicted), she’ll remember that Sam was the only one that was honest with her. Come back to Soap Dirt daily for more Big Brother news and spoilers.