‘Big Brother’ Evicted Bayleigh Leaves Classy – Voted Out in 6-1 Landslide

The Big Brother 20 houseguests evicted Bayleigh Dayton tonight in a 6-1 landslide vote. Fans expected Bayleigh wouldn’t take the news well and storm out of the Big Brother house. Since her rage has been on display these last few days, everyone was expecting an explosion. Surprisingly, she went out calm and collected to huge cheers from the crowd.

She’s headed to the jury house and will no doubt be bitter about everyone. The majority vote should make her doubt everyone in her alliance. Rockstar talked big the last few days about throwing her game away to save Bayleigh. In the end, Rockstar didn’t campaign for Bayleigh to stay. Bayleigh also played it classy, said sorry to Tyler about their colossal blow-up and joked that she might see Julie in just a moment. It was nicely done. Good for Bay! She went out on a good note.

Big Brother Eviction Votes Against Bayleigh

In the BB20 house the last two days, both Brett Robinson and Scottie Salton were playing double agent. Brett said he was scoping things out for Level 6, but really he was securing jury votes. Even Rockstar (Angie Lantry) had to admit that Brett won her over. Brett also showed Bayleigh Dayton sympathy and she seems to be taking more kindly to him now too. Good job Brett.

Meanwhile, Scottie was working on Haleigh Broucher to try and convince her that Rockstar is bad for their game. He pledged to her he had no alliance deal with Tyler Crispen. Both Brett and Scottie reported back to the other HGs. There’s always the chance the double agents could have gone rogue. But they did not.

Last Minute BB20 Vote Swaps?

On Thursday, with just hours to go before the live eviction, Scottie finally convinced Haleigh that their best strategy was to vote with the house to evict Bayleigh Dayton. That shifted the dynamic and left only Fessy a lock to vote against Rockstar. At the same time, Tyler seemed to lose control of Sam Bledsoe.

Level 6, Tyler and the rest of the Big Brother house didn’t babysit Sam on Thursday. They seemed overconfident since she usually votes as Tyler tells her. But Sam can go rogue and keep her moves secret. Not too long before eviction, there were stirrings that Sam might vote to evict Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, who seemed to encourage this option. Sure enough – Sam, voted to oust Rockstar.

BB20 Bayleigh Dayton Evicted in 6-1 Vote

Going into the vote, the only person that seemed certain to vote to evict Rockstar was Fessy (Faysal Shafaat). Haleigh is BFFs with Bayleigh but also sees her game falling apart and was torn on her vote. Scottie pledged his loyalty to the others but was still suspect going into the vote. Tyler’s vote would be pre-empted by Haleigh’s hacker power. That left the rest of L6 and Sam versus Bayleigh.

Things got ugly last night on the live feeds after Haleigh confessed that she’s the hacker. Many of the HGs didn’t believe her and thought it was a stunt to protect Bayleigh. Plus, the hacker issue was a cover story for the backdoor move, so Haleigh’s confession was a moot point. But Bayleigh’s flip out on the house and the aftermath didn’t help her shot at staying in the house.

When the votes came in, they were:

  • Tyler, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Angela Rummans – didn’t get to vote
  • Haleigh – Bayleigh
  • Faysal – Baleigh
  • Scottie – Bayleigh
  • JC – Bayleigh (and dedicated his vote to Rachel)
  • Sam – Rockstar
  • Kaycee – Bayleigh
  • Brett – Bayleigh

Bayleigh Frustrated But Reasonable

Big Brother viewers should not be surprised that Bayleigh had some harsh things to say about Tyler Crispen. Julie Chen asked about Swaggy C and told Bayleigh that he visited her parents. Bayleigh was cheering and moved to tears at this sign of devotion. Swaggy C has also been non-stop tweeting his support for his honey.

It’ll probably be another 10 days before BB20 fans see more of Bayleigh Dayton. Next Thursday, there will be another eviction. Then on the Big Brother, Sunday night episode on August 19, we should get a look Bayleigh finding out who’s the next juror. That episode always has the video clips brought by the evictee and some trash talk. Should be good!

On a side note, this was the first time Fessy wasn’t blindsided. What do you think about Bayleigh’s eviction? Was it about the hacker mess or her Identity Theft power in the Big Brother house?

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