‘Big Brother 20 Spoilers’ Bayleigh Blows Up BB20 House – Blood Gushes After She Bites Cheek

Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers took another turn for the worse when it comes to Bayleigh Dayton. She was falsely named as the hacker and even Haleigh Broucher’s admission that it was her didn’t convince the other BB20 houseguests. This resulted in Bayleigh exploding in frustration at the house last night.

Wednesday night’s CBS Big Brother was edited to show Angela Rummans nominated Bayleigh solely because she thought Bayleigh was the hacker.  However, live feed viewers saw that it was a move made to get rid of Bayleigh’s “Identity Theft” power app advantage. The members of Level 6 wanted the “Identity Theft” power app out of the BB20 house. It was an advantage they knew would be used against their Level 6 alliance.

Bayleigh Dayton is smart but too trusting

Bayleigh Dayton is the smartest player in the FOUTTE alliance.  She has done more to bond with the other side of the house than any of her alliance members.  Her downfall is that she’s a very trusting person.  She trusted too many people that were not in her alliance. She trusted Level 6 member Rachel Swindler to keep her secret when she told her about her “Identity Theft” app.  This was a bad move because it put a huge target on her back.  Level 6 realized the only way to neutralize the advantage, that would evict one of them, was to backdoor Bayleigh.

Had Bayleigh not made this rookie mistake, she would not be on the block.

Angela is HoH this week and Bayleigh attempted to bond with Angela. The HoH did what every Head of Household has done for 20 seasons. She made her backdoor victim feel safe. Big Brother is a ruthless game.

In the live feeds, it’s obvious that Bayleigh is one of the most honest people in the house. Despite her arguments and blow-ups, she had probably lied less than any of the other houseguests. The gorgeous pageant queen and flight attendant almost always says what she thinks.  Her bonding with Angela and Tyler was genuine according to most fans of the live feeds and even in Bayleigh’s diary room confessions.

Then Angela backstabbed Bayleigh and put her on the block. Bayleigh felt betrayed, rightfully so, and remained calm. But when Haleigh told Bayleigh she was the real hacker, that caused even more problems. Haleigh confessed and Bayleigh raged. She released a fury on the house unseen since Evel Dick in Big Brother season 8. She didn’t get that the hacker app had nothing to do with her nomination.

Big Brother 20 Hones In Bayleigh Dayton’s Bloody Mouth

It was Haleigh Broucher who became the first Big Brother hacker of this season. The 21-year-old from Texas kept tight-lipped about that secret and played along as fingers were pointed at other houseguests as the hacker. Haleigh called a house meeting to admit she was the real hacker.  The meeting took a bizarre twist when Bayleigh released a barrage of anger against Tyler.

She screamed so hard she bit her mouth and it started to bleed. Bayleigh is seen in the post below with a bloody mouth after she bit through her mouth during her furious outburst. This is not Bayleigh’s finest hour as this very intelligent houseguest was pushed to the point of becoming unhinged. Some fans think it’s actually a smart ploy to destroy Tyler’s game.  Even if Bayleigh gets evicted, Tyler has a lot of damage control to do.

Scottie Salton Saved by Real Hacker – Haleigh Broucher

Before Bayleigh and Tyler were on the block, Scottie Salton was the nominee alongside Rockstar. Haleigh put a plan in motion that unfortunately led to her best friend probably getting evicted. Haleigh thought it out and removed the self-proclaimed 26-year-old virgin, Scottie Salton, from the chopping block.

In his place, she put Tyler Crispen, the 23-year-old lifeguard, on the chopping block. The mysterious hacker ruffled quite a few feathers in the house. It didn’t take long for the process of elimination to start with whispers among the other houseguests. When she chose Kaycee Clark as the veto player for the hacker, that helped Tyler. Haleigh picked Kaycee because she thought it would throw suspicion away from her. Bayleigh also said Kaycee would be a good choice. It was a crucial error. If Haleigh picked Faysal Shafaat (Fessy), he might have won the Power of Veto competition and left nominations the same.  But FOUTTE is not known for making smart decisions.

It eventually came down to Bayleigh as the one falsely assumed to be the hacker. The Big Brother live feeds picked up a lot of the action from the aftermath of a horrific day for Bayleigh. What’s interesting is that few in the house believe Haleigh even though she confessed. Most thing she’s trying a Hail Mary plan to save BF Bayleigh.


Angela Rummans Chat Goes South

Bayleigh and HOH Angela had their first chat since Bayleigh learned of her nomination fate on Monday night. To say it didn’t go well is an understatement. Sitting in the front room alone with Bayleigh on Wednesday morning, 26-year-old fitness model Angela Rummans attempted to have a conversation.

Angela said:

“When I got HoH, I truly meant what I said from the bottom of my heart. It would be amazing if you were the first black person to win this show. I wanted you to know that wasn’t b—–t. I never expected it to go down like it did. You were never my target but I did what I had to in order to further my game and ensure my safety. That is why I did what I did,”

Bayleigh clapped back:

“That is fine and you were wrong about the hacker and you lost a really good friend. I was your number one cheerleader since we walked in the door. When everybody on my side wanted to get you out, I protected you. For you to crowd me in front of everybody, treat me like trash for the last three days and have me walking around here looking like an idiot hurt me to the core.”

BB20 Rage, Furniture, and a Big Brother Warning

Bayleigh was furious that Angela didn’t even hear her out before falsely assuming that she was the hacker. Bayleigh later tried to explain what happened with Angela to Haleigh, but when Haleigh went to respond, Bayleigh lost it. Global TV reminds their readers that Bayleigh became infuriated with Angela’s explanation, so she was in rare form by the time she happened upon Haleigh.

It was from here that she dismissed Haleigh by bolting from the room with a slam of the door. She then took over the lounge, barricading herself in by piling furniture in front of the door. A Big Brother announcement was heard after a few minutes that said, “Please do not move the furniture.”

The rather peeved and indignant Bayleigh said, “I will move it back.” Then she said she would deal with the people in the house and dared Big Brother to “send my a– home.”

No Redecorating Here – ‘Acting Like Idiots’

Bayleigh’s rant continued as the furniture went back in place calling the houseguests vile names. Angela was “trash” and a “piece of s–t”  the rest of them are just “acting like idiots” as far as she is concerned. While it looks as if Bayleigh is riding this out, she just might get that wish she made earlier to Big Brother.

As of now, Bayleigh is a sure shot for Thursday night’s live eviction. If you saw Bayleigh’s anger, one thing to consider is that Beyleigh feels things deeply. She fell in love with Swaggy C after just a couple of weeks together. She also doesn’t seem to be a superfan like many people in the house.

The Level-6 alliance is playing the game hard and their tactics seem to be about gameplay. However, Bayleigh is taking them personally. It seems like she is strugglign to reconcile the difference between personal relationships and game play. Most of L6 didn’t come to BB20 to make friends – they came for the cash and are playing hard.

Bayleigh though, wears her heart on her sleeve so it’s easy to see how it could be broken. At least if Bayleigh is sent to the jury house tonight, she’ll have some peace and quiet. But you can bet she’ll be a very bitter juror!

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