‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Twitter Explodes on JC Sexually Harassing Tyler – Eviction Speech Last Straw?

Big Brother spoilers show JC Mounduix has inflamed fans once again over Tyler Crispen and his love for the Hilton Head lifeguard. In last night’s eviction speech, JC said that Tyler couldn’t send him out because he’s the love of Tyler’s life. Tyler Crispen looked visibly uncomfortable. Then JC said they haven’t kissed because production won’t let them. The remaining HGs looked appalled, and Tyler seemed embarrassed. Twitter exploded with outraged BB20 fans calling out JC Mounduix left and right.

Big Brother Spoilers: JC Mounduix – Joking But Not Really?

Big Brother live feed watchers know a lot more about this situation than casuals that only watch the aired episodes. JC’s speech was pretty funny, but also pretty honest. He was laughing but was he really joking? Maybe not. Given what we’ve seen on the live feeds, JC was speaking some truth. Lots of fans didn’t like it and lashed out on social media last night.

Some of the tweets called out BB20 for letting a “sexual predator” make it to the BB20 final three for ratings. Others are reviving the #ExpelJC hashtag over what they see as his sexual assault of Tyler Crispen a few weeks ago for touching him and kissing his armpit while he was asleep. Production talked to Tyler who gave him a pass. That was the same time that JC exposed Haleigh Broucher on the toilet.

Some fans are still joking about JC’s love for Tyler, noted by Joker’s Updates when one suggested on the forum that what he wanted in his HoH basket was “kisses from Tyler.” Other fans are not amused. Check out the slideshow of angry tweets below to see what BB20 fans are saying about JC’s antics and his eviction speech.

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Big Brother – Tyler Crispen Laughing (or Cringing)

Last night on Big Brother, when JC Mounduix went full obsessive on Tyler during his eviction speech, it was epically cringe-worthy. The blonde lifeguard didn’t seem happy about it. Then again, he’s known for a while about JC’s crush on him and has handled it with aplomb. To be fair, there have been lots of unrequited BB crushes in past seasons.

Remember when Victor Arroyo couldn’t keep his hands off Nicole Franzel even though she was showmancing Corey Brooks? Victor seemed pretty stalkery at the time, but his persistence paid off since he and Nicole got engaged in the Big Brother house. But this is a little different because Tyler isn’t gay. Not even a little it would seem.

Big Brother Season Closes with Doubts, Frustrated Fans

There’s a lot happening at Big Brother in the final days of BB20. JC’s behavior this season has been on an ongoing source of outrage for fans. Then there’s Julie Chen standing by her man name-dropping Moonves last week was out of the blue. Plus, CBS hasn’t renewed Big Brother yet. Julie’s fate at CBS is unsettled, having just quit The Talk.

Aside from JC Mounduix’s bad boy behavior and pestering Tyler (asleep and awake), it’s been a great season of Big Brother. The house was delightfully free of Paul Abrahamian – and no other vets joined the game. This was a great group of players and a weight alliance stuck together as Level 6 dominated the game.

All in all, a good season. It’s too bad at the end that it’s tainted by JC in this funny-not funny eviction BB20 speech. Maybe he felt it was his last chance to declare his love for Tyler, but it creeped out many fans. Tune in tonight to see who Kaycee Clark sends packing to jury.

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