Who Won Big Brother Season 20 and BB20 AFP – America’s Favorite Player?

The Big Brother 20 winner came down to the wire between Kaycee Clark and her Level 6 alliance member Tyler Crispen. Tyler won part one of the final HoH and Kaycee won the second round.

Kaycee Clark won the final HoH and evicted JC Mounduix from the BB20 house where he became the ninth member of the jury

Who Won Big Brother Season 20?

With only Kaycee Clark and Tyler Crispen left in the house, the jury asked the two six questions. The final two BB20 houseguest made speeches then the jury voted.

Big Brother 20 Winner is Kaycee Clark – BB20

With a vote of five to four, Kaycee Clark won. It came down to Bayleigh making the tie breaking vote.


Big Brother 20: America’s Favorite Player is Tyler Crispen

Big Brother Network does weekly polls had Tyler Crispen sitting at the top for most of the BB20 season. Loads of other polls on Twitter and social media mostly have him at the top – here and there a few have Kaycee with a slim margin over her pal.

For this Big Brother season, F2 players are eligible for the AFP prize. In some prior seasons, they were ineligible. The winner was not a surprise to Soap Dirt. As previously reported a leaker inside Big Brother production said Tyler won the popular vote for America’s Favorite Player. This aligns with Twitter polls that mostly show Tyler as AFP although some have Kaycee in second by a narrow margin.

Tyler didn’t walk out of the CBS studio with the $500k grand prize but he did leave with the $50K second place prize and the $25K AFP prize. Maybe now he’ll feel worthy of Angela’s love. This week, he was captured on live feeds crying about not being good enough for her. This could change everything for man-bun aficiando Tyler. What do you think?

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