‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tyler Crispen Heartbroken – Thinks Angela Rummans Is Out of his League?

Big Brother Spoilers show Tyler Crispen is heartbroken over Angela Rummans. She seems to be the love of his life, but he confessed something on the live feeds. Tyler thinks he’s not good enough for Angela.

The Hilton Head lifeguard has found himself in the final 3 of Big Brother 20. He has played an impressive social game and he has dominated multiple competitions. One thing he wasn’t expecting was to fall in love.

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler Crispen doubting himself on Live Feeds

Big Brother Live Feeds recently showed Tyler Crispen admitting to the BB cameras that he fears he is not good enough for Angela Rummans. He worries that Angela will not want him after the show has ended. Tyler talks about being “just a f***ing lifeguard” while Angela has much success in her life. He admits that he is supposed to be practicing his speech for finale night on Wednesday but instead is worried about his relationship status with Angela.

Angela Rummans’ exit interview left some questions up in the air as well. She says: “I was hurt when I found out he (Tyler) had a Final 2 deal with Kaycee. I accepted it on a game level, but I think he could have handled it differently to protect my emotions a bit.”

Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans: The Showmance Hidden From the World – BB20

Big Brother spoilers reported Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans’ romance began simple enough. Flirtation here and there while trying to keep things under wraps as to not let on that they were interested in each other. Big Brother history shows that showmances are the first targeted for eviction. But as the numbers dwindled down, the two found it harder to hide their love.

Big Brother spoilers revealed, not surprising, JC Mounduix was the one to whisper in Tyler’s ear about the doubts that Angela may have about the relationship. JC was one of the first house guests to notice the showmance. He tried to convince other house guests to split up the power couple but it wasn’t until JC won his first HOH competition that he was able to end Tangela for good.

Big Brother 20 – Is Tyler throwing it all away for Angela?

Tyler Crispen is at the final stretch of Big Brother 20. He has fought his way here through final two deals and competition wins. Many viewers see him as the one to take home it all. But will he throw it all away for a showmance? His focus is not on the half million dollar grand prize, so could oneof the other Finalists grab it? And will Angela Rummans greet him with open arms come finale night?

Tune into CBS Wednesday, September 26th (9:30/8:30c) for Finale Night!

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