Top 5 Interesting Things about ‘Big Brother 20’ Contestant JC Mounduix

Big Brother 20 player JC Mounduix, may be little. But the BB20 contestant is a tiny powerhouse in this season of the CBS show.

One of the most interesting contestants on Big Brother 20 is JC Mounduix whose real name is Joseph Charles Monduy. He has an interesting life that most people don’t know about. The contestant came into the spotlight just three weeks ago when the CBS popular reality show began. However, he has been an entertainer for many years.

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Here are five things about JC that might be interesting for viewers to know.

1. JC’s background before BB20

JC is not Cuban even though he was born there because that’s where his Spanish parents were staying at the time of his birth. He considers Miami, Florida his hometown. However, he lives in West Hollywood, California so he can get more job offers.

JC regards himself as an openly gay white American.  The professor entertainer has traveled all over the world. He claims that will help him win the competition this season.

2. JC’s profession

The 28-year-old contestant is a dancer, model, and a powerlifter. Reports indicate that he is considerably wealthy even though his true net worth was not revealed.  He is very passionate about his job which has helped him become successful.

Most people had never heard of JC until he came into the spotlight a few weeks ago as a houseguest on Big Brother 20. He believes his job as a professional dancer and model will help him win the competition because he is accustomed to being about groups of people and bonding with them.

3. JC Mounduix on social media

Before he became a contestant on Big Brother, JC spent a lot of time on social media updating his Instagram and Twitter pages. He loves going to the gym and working out so he can show off his muscular body to his followers and fans.

Some people on social media find fault with him because they cannot understand what he is saying. On the other hand, others enjoy him. One thing is for sure. JC won’t be getting evicted soon like other Big Brother players this season.

4.  The Big Brother Contestant’s uniqueness

JC Mounduix stands only 4 feet and 8 inches. That makes him the shortest person ever to compete on Big Brother. He is sensitive about his height, and he prefers not talking about it. Actually, he said he has a very short fuse when people ask him about his height. The dancer is very personal and positive. When he entered the house he said, “I am going to be the sweetest small guy that everyone would want to hug and kiss.” Then he promised America that he would give them an amazing summer with a lot of entertainment.

So far, JC has kept his promise because he really is an entertainer. It is a delight to listen to him when he is in a conversation with the other houseguests.  It is interesting hearing him argue his point whether it makes sense or not. During Sunday night’s episode, he was in a conversation with others at the pool about left-handed people.  JC argued that there are only 12  left-handed people in the world among millions of others.

5. JC’s chance of winning the competition

People on social media have noticed that the contestant is flying under the radar. Jessica Graf from Big Brother 19 tweeted that he is the one to watch. So far, no one considers him a treat. However, they do listen to what he suggests as is seen and heard in the BB Live Feeds video above.

There are some surveys that say JC Mounduix could win the $500,000. If he doesn’t win the grand prize, he will probably end up as one of the final 3.

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