‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Jessica and Cody Invade BB20 House

Big Brother 20 spoilers reveal we’ll see Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from BB19 on an upcoming episode of the hit summer reality show. The famous showmance duo dropped by to visit with the BB20 houseguests as the competitors were prepping for the second Power of Veto competition of the season. Most of the current houseguests were excited to see and talk to the happy couple. But Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman didn’t share the same sentiment and seemed off-put about meeting “Jody.”

Jessica of BB19 vs. Kaitlyn of BB20?

After the engaged couple left the house, there was a lot of talk on Twitter about a feud between Jessica and Kaitlyn Herman. According to Big Brother Network, Kaitlyn didn’t have anything nice to say about the former showmance couple. Jess and Cody might not have won Big Brother, but they found true love and are set to wed this Fall.

If you check the 2:50 point of the IG video below, you can hear what Jess had to say about Kaitlyn while watching the BB20 premiere.

Jess and Cody have been fans of the CBS show for many years and know how the game is played. Jess had a lot to say on social media about this season’s houseguests. She and Cody met the BB20 players at a premiere party in New York City on June 27.  Most of what Jessica said was nice about everyone except Kaitlyn. Jessica tweeted that she hopes Kaitlyn leaves the house soon because she can’t stand her and she is not rooting for her.

Twitter feud between Jessica and Kaitlyn

It didn’t take long before Jessica responded to the Live Feed tweets, and her responses to Kaitlyn weren’t kind. In fact, Jessica said she was ready to roll up her sleeve and knock Kaitlyn out. Anyone that watched BB19 knows that Jessica doesn’t mince words and says what she feels unapologetically.

Since Kaitlyn is the current HoH, Jessica will have to wait for Kaitlyn’s eviction. It might not be coming soon, according to some talk among the houseguests. Kait’s making a big move this week with her plan to backdoor Swaggy C. The PoV ceremony already took place and live feed spoilers reveal Tyler used his veto power to pull Scottie off the block. In the end, Swaggy C and Winston are the final nominees.

Kaitlyn under fire for saying the N-Word on Big Brother

The back-dooring of Swaggy C is even more controversial given Kaitlyn throwing around racial epithets. US Weekly reported Kaitlyn came under fire for using a racial slur and many wonder why CBS didn’t punish her. Angie and Rachel also caught the attention of TMZ when they said if they tanned too darkly they might look “ghetto.”

Hopefully, Kaitlyn’s feud with Jessica will end soon. But Big Brother fans might not forget Kait’s casual racism any time soon. But Let’s not forget that Cody had his own controversy in BB19 when he said negative things about transgender people. One thing is for sure – expect the unexpected!

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