‘Big Brother’: Haleigh Broucher and Fessy Shafat – Are They Still Together?

Big Brother couple Haleigh Broucher and Faysal “Fessy” Shafat have known each other for an entire year now, since the ending of BB season 20. They started off as alliance members then friends and grew inseparable. Eventually they started a showmance and since leaving the house have begun dating. But what have we missed since we last saw them on the small screen and are they still together?

Big Brother: After BB Season 20 Ended

On finale night, Fessy Shafat confirmed that he and Haleigh Broucher are “the real deal,” and Haleigh agreed with him. But after the show was over they were returning to their own separate states. Haleigh went back to Texas where she attends Texas A&M University. Meanwhile, Fessy headed back to Orlando, FL which is where he works as a substitute teacher.

The two decided to give long distance a shot. Something that a lot of Big Brother showman’s go through because BB puts together people from all over the country.


Haleigh & Fessy Start a YouTube

Missing content your favorite Big Brother showmance? Not anymore, because Fessy Shafat and Haleigh Broucher started a YouTube where you can keep up with everything going on in their lives. While the channel is under Haleigh’s name and primarily belongs to her, Fessy makes consistent appearances. So don’t worry you Fessy fans!

There’s everything from a Big Brother Q&A to vacation vlogs and even beauty tutorials. There’s pretty much something for everyone all tied up into one channel.

Big Brother: Making Long Distance Work

Although Haleigh Broucher and Fessy Shafat have been apart for a good chunk of the year, they still make it work. The couple frequently meet up in either Florida or Texas to spend time together. Not to mention the many trips they have taken.

Haleigh and Fessy were in Cancun soaking up the sun in the beginning of the year. Then the BB couple jetted off to Los Angeles a couple weeks ago to meet up with Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans. Which resulted in a cute couple photoshoot and most likely a great double date.


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