‘Big Brother’: Haleigh and Fessy Still Dating – Cryptic Birthday Message Confuses Fans?

Big Brother 20‘s Haleigh Broucher wished Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat a happy birthday this week. In a series of Instagram stories, Haleigh looked back on some of their best times together. It was rumored that the couple had split back in June when they unfollowed one another on social media. Yet, they appeared to have gone on a vacation in Rome last month. But this thoughtful post could mean that the two are back together. Or were they never actually broken up? Many Big Brother fans are confused.

Big Brother: Haleigh Broucher & Fessy Break Up Whispers

Back in June 2019, Fessy Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher were rumored to have called it quits. The Big Brother couple stopped following one another on social media. Then Fessy started tweeting shady things that led everyone to believe that the rumors were true, including replying to a fan questioning their relationship status with a sipping tea gift.

The whispers of their break up came just days after they celebrated their one-year anniversary. With Fessy either blocking Haleigh or unliking all of her photos. Some thought the whole thing was just a stunt to get on another reality show like MTV’s The Challenge of Ex on the Beach. 


BB20 Couple Vacation in Rome

A month ago both Haleigh and Fessy were vacationing in Rome and it’s definitely not a coincidence. Although, they only shared individual photos and none of them together. But it’s obvious that the Big Brother duo were traveling Europe in each other’s company.

Haleigh Celebrates Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat’s Birthday With Cute Insta Posts

It was surprising when Haleigh Broucher posted a series of Insta stories featuring Fessy Shafaat on October 17. Which happens to be Fessy’s 28th birthday. The Texas A&M alum commemorated the occasion with some of her favorite memories of the two former Big Brother contestants over the course of their relationship.

She started with a cute photo of the two of them cuddled up together with the caption, “want to wish a very special Happy Birthday to this one”. Then she shared some videos of Fessy showing off his singing skills and other crazy things he likes to do. It also featured his lovable dog, Cooper.

Big Brother: Haleigh Broucher - Fessy ShafaatBig Brother: Haleigh Broucher - Fessy Shafaat

Big Brother: Are Fessy & Haleigh Back Together?

Haleigh Broucher ended her birthday celebrations by saying, “Happy Birthday, babe. You deserve the world. Can’t wait to celebrate.” Not only does she refer to Fessy Shafaat, as “babe” but she also hints to the idea that they’ll be celebrating in person sometime soon. Which might mean that the couple has gotten back together. Or maybe they never split up in the first place. But, he reportedly paid for the trip, so…

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