‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: JC Tricks Faysal Into Evicting Scottie – Lies and Deceit Ruin Fessy’s HoH?

Big Brother spoilers show that Faysal Shafaat (Fessy) is not thinking very smart as he nominates Scottie Salton for eviction. And it’s all because JC Mounduix got into Fessy’s head about showmance partner Haleigh Broucher.

Faysal won HoH and has the perfect opportunity to evict a Level 6 alliance member. With four members left, even if one of his enemies pulls themselves off the block with a POV win, he would have two backups. But The Hive alliance is about to blow it again.

JC Mounduix is Faysal Shafaat’s HoH Downfall

The downfall began when Fessy’s “friend”, JC Mounduix, started working on an evil plan. JC told Faysal that Scottie has a crush on Haleigh Broucher. He planted the seed that Scottie might target Fessy to get him out of the house and have Haleigh all to himself.

As all Big Brother fans know, Faysal Shafaat is falling for Haleigh. The two have started a showmance and have been kissing in bed in the HoH room.  It looks like his love for Haleigh might be clouding his judgment as he talks about nominating Scottie.

Scottie is in The Hive (formerly FOUTTE) alliance with Faysal. If Fessy does manage to send Scottie to the jury house, it would only increase the strength of the L6 alliance.

Scottie Salton Is Losing Trust in Big Brother 20 House

When Rockstar was voted out last night, Scottie voted to keep her safe. Rockstar is a member of his alliance, and he remained loyal. After the vote, Scottie told everyone that he cast the only vote to save Rockstar. However, Brett Robinson lied and said his vote was the only one to save Rockstar.

Because of Scottie’s history of flipping votes, Faysal chose to believe Brett.  One strike against Scottie. Brett even called out Scottie wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt when he helped blindside his alliance member.

Then in a strange twist of fate, Scottie made an unwitting error when talking to Faysal in the HoH room. Faysal didn’t want to talk and asked him to leave. Scottie, as he left the room said: “I love you.”

According to the Big Brother Network, it appeared Scottie said it to the entire room.  However, Faysal and Haleigh took it to mean he was talking to Haleigh. When Haleigh asked if he was talking to her, Scottie jokenly said that he meant Haleigh.

It didn’t help that Scottie has been moving his bed closer to Haleigh’s at night and asked her if she was coming to bed soon. Two strikes against Scottie.

JC didn’t lose any opportunity to plant more seeds of distrust in Fessy’s mind. He told Faysal Shafaat, “It’s so romantic.” Strike three, Scottie may be leaving the house soon.

Gullible Fessy fell for it all

Live feeds showed JC trying to convince Fessy to backdoor Scottie. Faysal Shafaat practiced his HoH nomination speech in front of Hayleigh.  He planned to nominate Scottie and Brett. His justification is that one of them lied about voting for Rockstar and he doesn’t care who it was.

Before the eviction ceremony, Haleigh convinced Scottie to talk to Fessy.  Scottie talked to Fessy in the HoH room and almost had Fessy talked out of putting him up on the block.  He made the fatal mistake of telling Fessy that he did indeed have a crush on Haliegh and that sealed his fate.

Big Brother Spoilers: Fessy nominated Scottie and Brett

Later the POV competition was held. It was a hide-and-veto game where each POV player hid a “veto card”.  The only player whose card was not found won the veto.

BB20 Spoiler: Brett won the Power of Veto.

Of course Brett will pull himself off the block. Fessy has not decided on a replacement, but it probably won’t make a difference. It looks like Scottie will be joining Bayleigh in the Big Brother jury house.

If JC gets his way and Fessy doesn’t wise up, they’ll once again send out one of their own even though they control the HoH. Fessy and his Hive alliance just can’t seem to stop themselves from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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