‘Big Brother’ 20: Faysal Shafaat’s Indecent Exposure Arrest – Fessy Tells His Side

Big Brother’s Faysal Shafaat (Fessy) was arrested for indecent exposure and public intoxication in 2013 when he was 21. This was before he became famous on Big Brother. As it turns out, the events seem more comedic than criminal.

Dedicated Big Brother fans were the first to find Faysal Shafaat’s arrest record. It sounds worse than it actually is. This is good news for his fans even though it sounds sketchy. In fact, Fessy even copped to the incident on Live Feeds talking to other houseguests.

It should be pointed out that an arrest or booking is not a conviction. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Faysal Shafaat’s Arrest Found by Fans

Faysal Shafaat’s arrest was quickly discovered by fans who at first thought it was probably a public urination situation.  People are sometimes over-charged with indecent exposure when relieving themselves in public. In Fessy’s case, he was undressed after a wild night of partying and found by cops in his car.

Rapsheets.com has a record of his booking along with the charges of public intoxication and indecent exposure listed. Soap Dirt contacted the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office and was told they no longer had these records on file. The clerk said the record might have been expunged.

Fessy’s side of the story as told to BB20 houseguests

Fessy was nice enough to give the house and BB20 live feed watchers a blow-by-blow account of what appears to be the incident. While it wasn’t on the show, it was on the live feeds.

On the Big Brother live feeds the house is playing a game called One Truth – One Lie. In the social game, you tell one true story and one fake story.  Fessy tells two stories and admits the following story was the true one.

As Fessy tells it, he and a friend were leaving a club less than a mile from a friend’s college dorm room. The two were trying to decide whether to walk or drive back home because it was pouring down rain.

He makes no mention of drinking. However, fans assume Fessy might have been drinking. Why else would someone consider walking home instead of driving when it’s raining? Why leave your car behind?

Fessy decided to let his friend drive his car. On the way back, Fessy says his friend hit a curb “sideways” at the bottom of the hill and “flipped up” a tire.  His friend continued the drive back to the dorm on only three tires.

After arriving at the dorm, Fessy says his friend forgot his dorm room key. The two were locked out.  His friend left and decided to walk to his girlfriend’s house.  Fessy decided to sleep in his car.

How Fessy became naked in public – In his own words

Fessy tells the house, “I take off all my clothes sleep butt-ass naked in my car.”

He later adds, “I’m pretty sure I had boxers on” which contradicts his previous statement when he said he was “butt-ass naked.”

He continues his story. “3 o’clock. 4  o’clock I get a knock on the [car] door… It’s the cops.”

Fessy told Tyler and the others that the cops knocked on his car door and woke him up in the wee hours of the morning.

Tyler asked, “What did the cops say?”

Fessy is vague and says, “Basically I had to explain the whole situation.”

He says a female officer asked him, “What the hell happened. Why are you naked? Why are there three tires on your car?”

Fessy didn’t tell the Big Brother houseguests it ended with an arrest but did explain that he took his clothes off because they were wet and he didn’t want to sleep in wet clothes.

Big Brother’s stand on criminal records

He’s not the only BB20 houseguest that has had minor run-ins with the law.  Production screens contestants with background checks before the show. But apparently, players can have minor criminal rap sheets and still get the opportunity to be locked up with a couple of dozen strangers in the CBS Big Brother house.

It’s unclear what the outcome was because the records are unavailable. So it appears Fessy’s biggest crime is his horrible gameplay while in the Big Brother house.

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