‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Faysal’s Outside Business Destroyed by BB20 Trolls

Big Brother 20 houseguest Faysal Shafaat (Fessy) will leave the BB20 house to find that internet trolls destroyed his app business. Toxic Big Bother “fans” banded together to give Fessy’s fitness app low-ranked 1-star reviews to intentionally harm him. The effect has severely damaged downloads and sales.

Many sites like Reddit have come to Fessy’s aid and posted warnings that anyone attempting to organize efforts to harm personalities on any show will be immediately and permanently banned from their site. Have you seen the trolls online encouraging people to slam his app for no reason than to be jerks?

Fessy inside the Big Brother House

Before Fessy entered the Big Brother 20 house, his Fessy Fitness app had a nearly perfect 5-star review record. Almost all purchasers rated it highly with just a smattering of lower reviews. But now, a barrage of trolls have spammed the app with 1-star reviews bringing it down to a 4-star overall ranking. This seems like pretty low behavior.

A drop from 5-stars down to four may not seem like a lot, but in the app world, people avoid 4-star products when a higher rated one exists. This has severely dropped the number of downloads for the app, which in turn financially harms the app creator. What has Fessy done to deserve this treatment?

Does Faysal Shafaat Deserve It?

Big Brother “fans” acting like trolls came forward in droves to claim he has it coming to him. Many said Fessy is to blame because of his stupid gameplay inside the BB20 house. Bad reviewers post jokes in their reviews related to vote flipping. Scottie Salton, of course, gets the blame for the bad rating.

But really, doxxing is not okay. Fessy had the fitness app long before he came into the BB20 house. Whatever you think of his gameplay, the guy knows his way around a gym. He’s super buff and healthy and was a star college football player at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. He might not have the best grip on Big Brother, but fitness is his forte.

Big Brother Houseguests are Real People!

It’s certainly fair game to mock houseguest behavior in the BB house (such as Kaitlyn getting “handsy” with Brett). It’s also not out of line to bust someone out with their employer if they drop racial slurs on national TV or the live feeds. But lambasting Fessy and trying to ruin his business just because he’s not the sharpest spoon in the shed is malicious and unnecessary.

Big Brother haters seem to forget that houseguest are real people, with real lives outside the house. They deserve the same right to earn a living as anyone else. Fessy is surely not making bank as a substitute teacher so this app is probably a nice way to earn some side money and he’s proven he knows fitness. His app might be helping lots of people – at least until trolls wrecked it.

Fessy Evicted This Week – Will He Battle Back?

On recent Big Brother live feeds, Fessy finally seemed to get woke and start campaigning. There’s a chance he might stage an upset and send showmance gal pal Haleigh Broucher packing. Most of the guys want Fessy gone since he’s a physical threat, though, so it’s more than likely Fessy that will walk out of the BB20 house this Thursday.

But don’t forget, there’s a Battle Back to play that night. If he dominates the comp, Fessy might turn around and walk right back into the house before he has a chance to unpack in a spare bedroom at the BB jury mansion. Of course, it depends on the type of comp. Both BB18 and BB19 had Battle Back competitions.

In BB18, it was a weekly comp that wound up being four rounds. One was a balance type obstacle and one was a ball bouncing challenge. Then there was a picture puzzle round and finally, a puzzle with a knowledge and physical component. Victor Arroyo won in BB18. In BB19, it was Cody Nickson that took the W and came back into the house.

No matter Fessy’s fate on eviction night or the Battle Back, it will be an unwelcome surprise if he comes home to find that haters wrecked his app enterprise. Sloppy game play is no reason to wreck someone’s life and the LAST THING Fessy needs is ANOTHER BLINDSIDE!

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