‘Big Brother’ Live Feeds: Tyler Crispen Talks Kaitlyn Herman Betrayal – Hints at Heartbreak

Big Brother 20 stars Tyler Crispen and Kaitlyn Herman both have new videos out that reveal hurt feelings, betrayal, and perhaps more going on than BB20 fans knew. The pair clicked in the house, but before all was said and done, Tyler was itching to evict the life coach. Two recent videos from these BB20 houseguests reveal some of the dynamics that went on between them including the status of Kaitlyn’s relationship with long-time boyfriend Joe Pincus and Tyler’s surprising accusations against Kaitlyn on live feeds. Here’s the scoop.

Kaitlyn Herman admits to Joe break-up

Kaitlyn is now admitting that her boyfriend Joe did break-up with her. She did an Instagram live where she talks about the fact that she is now “single” and “heartbroken.” The thing is this all happened because of the way that Kaitlyn acted in the house. She was all over both Tyler Crispen and Faysal Shafaat (Fessy). Any man left behind while their girlfriend was in the Big Brother house couldn’t be okay with this at all.

Someone commented on the Instagram stream that Kaitlyn Herman got dumped for the way she acted in the house – and Kaitlyn Herman admitted this was “100%” true. You can’t go into the Big Brother house with a boyfriend and then put your hands on the guys like Kait did. If Kaitlyn Herman was going to do this, then she would have needed to clear it with her man ahead of time. Obviously, she didn’t do that at all.

Tyler Crispen speaks to Kaitlyn Herman via Big Brother Live Feeds

Tyler Crispen is still in the Big Brother 20 house. He was watched live walking around the pool table outside camtalking. He had a message to Kaitlyn. Tyler made it clear what he thought of her actions in the house and said “karma” came for her. Everyone knew that Kaitlyn was playing both Fessy and Tyler. Now Tyler knows it too. She tried to get both of them to do sexual things with her and even went as far as to say she wanted to sleep with Tyler. Kait even called both men her soulmate.

In Tyler’s BB20 live feeds confessional, he said he doesn’t trust girls like her at all. Tyler Crispen even said girls like Kaitlyn are the reason he doesn’t date. Tyler said he hoped “she’s listening” because he wanted her to know she tried to betray him but didn’t succeed. He wanted to make sure she knew exactly how he feels knowing that she is at home now.

Tyler was hoping Kaitlyn was watching the Big Brother live feeds. He wanted her to see what he had to say. In a funny moment, Tyler teased that it is probably boring for live feeders to watch now that Kaitlyn Herman isn’t there. He said he knows that she was messing with Fessy as well as him. Tyler said, “you did me dirty.”

Kaitlyn admits “feelings” for Tyler

In a video Kaitlyn Herman shared after she left the Big Brother house, the ousted BB20 houseguest admitted she had feelings for Tyler. He probably won’t care about that when he gets out. She had a boyfriend at home and then played Fessy as well as him. (And don’t forget what she did to Brett late one night…).

If Kaitlyn tries to get with Tyler, it sounds like he is not interested. Post-eviction, Kaitlyn said she felt betrayed and now it seems Tyler feels the same way. She also tried to manipulate Tyler Crispen by making him swear on his dead father and then her saying she saw the spirit of his dead dad. Some Big Brother 20 fans think she took it way too far.

Kaitlyn acted far more interested in getting her hands on the guys than gameplay. But then again, maybe that was her gameplay. One bright spot is that Kait seems to be taking responsibility for her actions in the house rather than defending them. Good for her! Come back to Soap Dirt often for the latest spoilers and news on Big Brother 20.