‘Big Brother 20’: Kaitlyn Confesses Feelings for Tyler in Post-Eviction Video

Big Brother 20 houseguests just kicked out Kaitlyn Herman and now she is sharing her thoughts on Tyler Crispen. These two got pretty close in the house. It turns out that in a recent video on Twitter Kaitlyn shared that she has feelings for him. This is interesting seeing that she is now at home and Tyler is in the house still.

Kaitlyn’s new video

This new video is a live video that Kaitlyn Herman shared. The Big Brother 20 star didn’t hold back on her feelings about Tyler Crispen. You can check out the video below.

Kaitlyn Herman is asked how her boyfriend feels. In the Big Brother 20 house, she told Tyler Crispen she would give up everything for him. Now, she is trying to say she meant in the game. Kaitlyn then went on to admit that she “formed some feelings” for him while in the house. She said “it is what it is” and that it was a “real experience” for her. Kaitlyn didn’t talk about her boyfriend’s feelings.

Kaitlyn Herman went on to admit that she “feels dumb” for being played in the BB20 house. She also says that it “embarrassed” her that it happened. It turns out that she thought Tyler Crispen had real feelings for her and now feels like “it’s a shame” the way things really were in the house. He didn’t try to save her the week she was sent home and even though she had a special power she was sent home for not being able to put together a puzzle.

Kaitlyn’s drama in the Big Brother 20 house

While in the house, Kaitlyn Herman caused plenty of drama. She actually pushed Faysal to touch her on the breast by grabbing his hand. Of course, this didn’t thrill anyone, including him.

Kaitlyn also tried to manipulate Tyler Crispen more than once by talking about his dead father. Once she made him swear on his dad’s grave that he wasn’t lying to her. Some people feel like she really crossed the line with this one, but she didn’t seem to notice it seeing she did it to him more than one time. Even though Kaitlyn is gone from the house, the viewers just can’t stop talking about her.

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