‘Big Brother 22’: Julie Chen Dishes on Everything ‘BB22’

Big Brother 22 is premiering in two days and host Julie Chen just spilled some details about the upcoming season. According to the hostess with the mostest, things are indeed a lot different this season due to COVID-19. Julie discussed the preseason changes for the All-Stars including some interesting BB22 housing information.

Plus, Julie Chen delved into what to expect when Big Brother begins on August 5. In other news, Big Brother is celebrating its 20th year on the air. So, Julie talked about what a journey it’s been since the beginning.

Big Brother 22 Update: Julie Chen Explains Where Cast is Living Preseason

Everything is a little bit different for season 22 of Big Brother because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent interview with Entertainment Canada, Julie Chen spilled some major details about the much-anticipated season. Typically, the BB cast sequesters in hotel rooms however long before they enter the Big Brother house. Yet, Julie says it’s not the same for this summer’s lineup of All-Star players.

In fact, Julie says that each of them gets their own rental homes in Los Angeles in order to keep them separate from one another and prevent the possible spread of the virus. CBS isn’t taking the pandemic lightly and is screening the Big Brother 22 houseguests for symptoms every single day and testing them “every few days” says Julie.

Big Brother 22

Host Talks New Changes For ‘BB22’

It seems that Big Brother has a huge budget this summer because they’re pulling out all of the stops for BB22. Soap Dirt previously reported that they completely redid the front of the house where Julie Chen hosts the show from. Julie says that she hasn’t seen it in person but that the company had the budget to change things up and that’s what they did. It just happened to coincide with the show’s 20th anniversary year.

Yet, don’t worry, COVID-19 isn’t stopping Julie Chen from performing her regular hosting duties. Big Brother fans worried that the host would have to change things up due to new safety guidelines, but that isn’t the case. Julie promised that she’ll be hosting the show from her usual spot outside the house even if there isn’t a live audience this summer.

Big Brother News: Julie Reminisces On 20th Anniversary

It’s a big year for CBS and Big Brother because they’re celebrating 20 years on the air. Julie Chen has been with the show since the beginning when she was a single 29-year-old and now she’s married with a 10-year-old son. “I’ve grown up on the show”. So much has changed since then but not Julie’s love for the show. She said that BB is like a part of her, comparing it to her left arm. We certainly couldn’t imagine the show without Julie Chen. Could you?

BB22 premieres on August 5 at 9/8c on CBS so make sure you set a reminder because you don’t want to miss it.

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