5 Huge Reveals About ‘Big Brother 22’

Big Brother 22‘s executive producer Allison Grodner just spilled some big details about BB22. In a recent interview, the head of the show shared a lot of interesting facts about the upcoming season. Some of them include huge changes to the show. While others were promises of certain things not changing. From having no audience at the live shows to whether or not Zingbot will be around, she covered a lot. So, what’s happening on BB22 that you absolutely need to know?

#1 There Won’t Be a Live Big Brother 22 Audience

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard to have a live studio audience at Big Brother 22 eviction nights. It’s already been hard enough for CBS to get the show ready to premiere this summer. So, we’re lucky enough as it is, and giving up a live audience doesn’t seem all that bad when the alternative is no BB22.

#2 Brand New Front of House for BB22

Several things will be changing for Big Brother‘s 22nd season filled with All-Stars. For one, the front of the house where Julie Chen hosts the show from will be completely different. We’re not sure what it’s going to look like but a house reveal will eventually tell all. It’s been the same for a while now, so a change might be a little refreshing and a way to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary on the air.

#3 New Big Brother Comps & Twists

Another new thing revealed is that there will be new competitions and twists for the Big Brother: All-Stars cast. It makes sense because they have to keep these seasoned veterans on their toes by throwing in a couple of new twists and competitions. It’ll be interesting to see how they react to some never-before-seen comps and twists.

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#4 Big Brother Cast & Crew Won’t Interact

Now this one isn’t that hard to wrap our heads around as it’s been a staple of Big Brother for years. There won’t be any physical interaction between the cast and the crew this season. In previous seasons, there has been contact between cast and crew that the BB viewer doesn’t see.Β  Producers and crew sometimes had to literally give hugs out as players cried and wanted to leave. There was a lots a lot of close contact in the diary room. It’s something that wont’ be noticed by the viewing audience, but you can expect visits to the DR to be a little different because of it.

#5 Zingbot & OTEV Will Return to BB22

Don’t worry. Everyone’s favorites zinging robot will return for this monumental season of Big Brother. That’s right, Zingbot will be back and is probably the safest from COVID-19 due to his completely metal body shielding him. Also, the fan-favorite power of veto competition and mascot OTEV will also make his return. He might even be wearing a facemask for protection. Not joking, there are rumors that OTEV will wear a mask. Producers will probably make the final decision right before the comp stars.

BB22 premieres this Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS with a live move-in and cast reveal.

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