‘Big Brother 22’: The BB22 All-Stars Season Cast – Who’s on the List?

Big Brother 22 is officially right around the corner and everyone wants to know which All-Star contestants are returning. It premieres on August 5 at 9/8c on CBS. And we’ve compiled a list of alums confirmed by multiple sources, ones that look to be solid, and long-shots that probably won’t happen.

Yet, nothings confirmed until the Big Brother 22 cast clears for COVID-19, and the announcement is made next week. So, who’s supposedly going to be entering the BB22 house during the live two-hour move-in in a little less than two weeks?

Big Brother 22: Names Several Sources Have Confirmed

We have several sources close to CBS that have confirmed a number contestants returning to Big Brother 22 All-Stars. They began arriving at the airport in Los Angeles earlier this week and have already entered the two-week sequester. There are a couple of fan favorites in the mix that our sources have confirmed as locked in for the monumental Big Brother season of our favorite reality show.

For the ladies, it’s three-time player Janelle Pierzina, and Dani Donato from BB8. Also, some other fan-favorites Da’Vonne Rogers (BB17, BB18) and Bayleigh Dayton (BB20) are confirmed by our sources. As for the men, it’s looking like Tyler Crispen (the runner-up from BB20) will return. Plus, winner Ian Terry (BB14) is back for a chance at another win.

Big Brother 22

Possible Alums That Could Likely Return

Although the names above are the most likely to return for Big Brother 22, there are a couple of names floating around that have been confirmed by at least one of our sources. Nicole Franzel who played on BB16 and won BB18. She’s marrying Victor Arroyo in October. But COVID-19 might have changed those plans and given her some free time to return.

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One of the other older alums to return is Kaysar Ridha from BB7. Yet, it’s not as likely as some of the names listed above. Still, we’d love to see the return of Kaysar.

Big Brother 22

Big Brother 22: Long Shot Contestants

Then, there are a some names that seem like complete shots in the dark. There are rumors of Paulie (BB18) or Cody Calafiore (BB16) returning.

Paulie Calafiore made some very derogatory comments about women. So crude that he’s likely crossed off the BB invite list for life. To paraphrase, Paulie said that women are dumpsters for men’s bodily fluids. And that’s about as polite as we can put it. The worst thing his brother Cody ever did was flirt with a married woman to gain an edge. Let’s hope Cody may return some day and is not considered guilty by association.

Derrick Levasseur (BB16) has been adamant that he wouldn’t return for this Big Brother All-Star season. Plus, he’s got a lot with his show on the ID Channel. Derrick may also not want to risk his title perfect game play title.

Angela Rummans and Haleigh Broucher (BB20) are some more names mentioned. But they’re on vacation together at the moment, so they have not been doing the CBS covid quarantine and testing for BB22. So, we’d count them out as well. Paul Abrahamian (BB18, BB19) is another one that won’t return. Paul confirmed he wont’ be playing as his parents need his care right now.

Lastly, is Dan Gheesling (BB10, BB14), has also confirmed he wouldn’t be back.

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BB22 returns on August 5 at 9 pm on CBS.

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