‘The Challenge’: Four ‘Big Brother’ Alums Join Season 35 Cast – Plus Josh Martinez Returns

The Challenge returns to MTV on April 1 and newcomers include several former Big Brother houseguests. Josh Martinez is also back, but it’ll be Kaycee Clark, Fessy Shafaat, Bayleigh Dayton, and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams making their debut. 28 players in total will be competing to avoid elimination and earn some sweet cash prizes. All of the newbies were houseguests on BB20 and most are former alliance members.

MTV’s The Challenge: Big Brother’s Josh Martinez Returns

It looks like the third time the charm for Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez.  He’s returning to The Challenge: Total Madness for challenge number three. Josh competed on both War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2. The 26-year-old won a combined total of 12 challenges throughout both seasons.

But Josh ended up getting eliminated and never made it to the final mission each time. Much like his time in the Big Brother house, Josh got extremely emotional on The Challenge. There was rarely an episode where he didn’t cry. His record for going without bursting into tears might be two episodes.

The Challenge: Josh Martinez

Can BB20 Winner Kaycee Clark Dominate MTV’s ‘The Challenge?’

Kaycee Clark won Big Brother due to her impeccable social strategy and late-game veto competition wins. Although some argue that runner-up Tyler Crispen should have beat her, the jury awarded Kaycee the $500,000. Now, she’s taking her game to The Challenge and it should be an interesting transition.

Kaycee announced her spot by asking her Big Brother social media followers if they were ready for the upcoming “madness”. She couldn’t help but add her trademarked catchphrase “let’s go!” Can the former rainbow unitard wearing houseguest use her competition prowess to her advantage?

Big Brother: Kaycee Clark

Big Brother’s Fessy Shafaat Moves on From Million Dollar Mile

Around this time last year, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat was salty over not getting picked to compete on Million Dollar Mile. The Big Brother fitness guru thought he was perfect for the obstacle course competition show taking place during a mile run.

Big Brother: Faysal 'Fessy' Shafaat

Yet, the CBS show received a low rating for its inaugural season and hasn’t made any announcements about moving forward with more episodes. So, maybe it wasn’t so bad that Fessy was overlooked. Because he got the better offer to compete on the 35th season of MTV’s The Challenge. His girlfriend and Big Brother costar Haleigh Broucher wished him luck on social media.

The Challenge: Spouses Swaggy C & Baleigh Dayton Join Cast

It was rumored that either Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams or Bayleigh Dayton would be on this season’s reality star-studded roster. But no one thought both Big Brother members of the married duo would be competing together at the same time. Yet, MTV surprised us once again.

The Challenge: Chris 'Swaggy C' Williams

Swaggy and Bayleigh played Big Brother alongside Fessy Shafaat and Kaycee Clark. Although, they were aligned with Fessy, Kaycee was a part of the other majority alliance and found herself at odds with the other group. There seems to be no bad blood between the four and we can definitely see a BB alliance in the making.

The Challenge: Bayleigh Dayton

Find out when The Challenge: Total Madness premieres on April 1 at 8 pm on MTV.

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