‘Big Brother’: Kaycee Clark And Girlfriend Tayler Jimenez Talk Marriage

Big Brother news reveal Kaycee Clark may be engaged to her girlfriend Tayler Jimenez. The two were friends before Kaycee went on BB20. Then their romance blossomed once the summer of fun was over. Both Kaycee and Tayler appear obsessed with one another and truly seem to be in love, judging by their social timelines. On National Girlfriend Day, Tayler called Kaycee Clark her “future wife” on Instagram. So, are the two women engaged?

Big Brother: Kaycee Clark Seems Really In Love

Winner of BB20 Kaycee Clark has won more than just the $500,000 prize. She captured the heart of model Tayler Jimenez. The model in turn has fallen in love with the football player. They’ve been dating since at least Valentine’s Day 2019.

But, the pair’s known each other since before Kaycee went on to win her Big Brother season. It’s a fairytale friends-turned-lovers story. Since then, the couple has continued to post photos of one another with the sweetest captions. Plus, you know pro athletes often date models.

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Tayler Jimenez Calls Big Brother’s Kaycee Clark Wife To Be

If the two didn’t already seem completely in love with one another, now there might be wedding bells in the near future. On August 1, AKA National GF Day, Tayler posted a tribute to her and Kaycee’s relationship, along with a cute picture.

She wished her lover a great day then referred to her as her future spouse on Instagram. Referring to Kaycee Clark this way might mean one of them popped the question. Which could mean an engagement for model and CBS reality show winner. So, is there going to be another Big Brother wedding coming up?

Big Brother: Did They Get Engagement Rings?

So far, Kaycee Clark and Tayler Jimenez aren’t showing engagement rings online. Which could mean they’re just talking marriage and haven’t taken the next step just yet. Only Tayler has a ring on her one hand in several photos from both of their Instagrams. But it appears to be on her right hand and not the traditional left.

Kaycee and Tayler might not have gotten engaged just yet. But they are definitely on the right track. They obviously adore one another and support each other in their individual endeavors. It wouldn’t be a shock if there was a wedding annoucement from Kaycee Clark and gal pal Tayler Jimenez.

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