‘Big Brother’: Fessy Salty Over Not Getting Picked For ‘Million Dollar Mile’

Big Brother’s Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat expressed his saltiness at getting passed over for CBS’s Million Dollar Mile. He dropped plenty of hints on his social media about his interest in the new competition show hosted by Tim Tebow. Unfortunately, Fessy did not get picked for the show. But the fitness trainer thought he would be perfect for it. And he shared his disappointment with fans through his Instagram story.

What is the Million Dollar Mile and Why Was Big Brother’s Fessy Shafaat Trying to Get On It?

The Million Dollar Mile is an endurance competition to do exactly as its name suggests – run a mile for a pile of money. But not only will the players have to race a mile. They will also have to climb, leap and overcome obstacles in their path. Did we mention the part where they will be getting chased by professional athletes? This is what Fessy wants.

The Million Dollar Mile players will be trying to outrun and outwit the ‘Defenders’ who will be right on their tails. But they only get a small head start. Tim Tebow hosts Million Dollar Mile and basketball legend LeBron James is a producer. So, with all that excitement, it’s clear why uber-athletic Fessy wants to be on the show post-Big Brother.

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They will stop at nothing to defend the money. They are the Defenders of the #MillionDollarMile. 💪🏃‍♂️💰

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BB20’s Faysal Shafaat Upset

Unfortunately, CBS did not pick Faysal Shafaat for Million Dollar Mile’s inaugural season. Fessy expressed saltiness on both Twitter and Instagram. In one of his stories, he told fans to watch the show that he “wasn’t picked for”. And that he is, “still a little salty about it.” He claimed to be made for it when the show was announced because being fit is part of his career.

Yesterday, he even threw shade at CBS online. Fessy reasoned that he would be “solid” at it because he set the record for fastest finish in the Big Brother slip-n-slide comp. He was even on American Ninja Warrior. However, Fessy said he is still gonna tune in for the show even though he did not get on it.

Maybe Next Season Will Work Out For Fessy

Even though he did not make it this season, Fessy Shafaat should not give up. CBS has put people from Big Brother and Survivor on some of their other competition shows before.

Most notably, having BB players make the jump to The Amazing Race. Also, they have put people on game shows like The Price is Right and Candy Crush. So, Fessy could still have a shot, especially if his fans back him up.

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