‘Big Brother’: Who’s Going to Be ‘BB22’s America’s Favorite Player?

Big Brother 22 is almost at its end but there’s still a little bit of game left to play until finale night. Not only will the jury crown the winner of BB22, but the viewers will also award one houseguest the title of America’s Favorite Player. Each season, the audience picks their favorite player and gives them $25,000. Currently, there are three all-stars leading in a poll created by the Big Brother Network. So, who are the lucky houseguests that could be 25K richer?

Big Brother: Fans Push Da’Vonne Rogers for BB America’s Favorite Player

Da’Vonne Rogers is in the running for America’s Favorite Houseguest. She’s always been a likable competitor ever since her debut on Big Brother 17 and her return on BB18. She’s known for her outspoken personality and being the queen of memes.

Despite coming onto BB22 to prove herself, Da’Vonne used the platform as an opportunity to speak out on issues important to her. Even one of the most legendary Big Brother players, Will Kirby, endorsed Da’Vonne for AFP. Apparently, she impressed him a lot.

Big Brother: Da'Vonne Rogers

Tyler Crispen Could Become a AFP Two-Time Winner

Also getting a lot of support for the title America’s Favorite Player is Tyler Crispen. His chill personality and Big Brother behavior has endeared him to the fans. It’s probably why they gave him the title of AFP during his first season BB20, where he came in second place.

It looks like he’s once again worked his way into Big Brother viewers’ hearts because he’s currently leading in the polls. If he does win, that would make him the second player to ever earn the title twice. Jeff Schroeder won it on both BB11 and BB13.

Big Brother 22

Big Brother: Fans Loved Janelle Pierzina

Although she wasn’t there for that long, Janelle Pierzina certainly made an impression. Fans were excited about the femme fatale’s return and she definitely didn’t disappoint. While most of the audience loved her, the opinion in the house differed drastically. In fact, a new term called “Janellousy” had to be created in order to emphasize just how much the others talked about her.

Still, their opinions don’t matter when it comes to AFP. That’s why Janelle is also one of the top three in the race. She’s right behind Tyler Crispen and Da’Vonne Rogers. When it comes to this show, anything could happen. Who are you voting for America’s Favorite Player?

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