‘Big Brother’: Janelle Burns Nicole Franzel on Way Out the Door

Big Brother All Star‘s Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel are now at odds since entering the house. The two were fairly friendly when they first arrived. Janelle was even invited to Nicole and Victor Arroyo’s wedding. But things fell apart fast.

Now, Nicole and Janelle can’t stand each other and constantly trash one another in the Big Brother house. In recent days, it escalated to a confrontation between the two. And Janelle Pierzina plans on getting the last laugh before her almost-definite eviction on Thursday.

Big Brother: What’s the Beef Between Janelle Pierzina & Nicole Franzel?

Before coming onto BB22, Nicole Franzel and Janelle Pierzina competed against the other on The Amazing Race. While Janelle partnered with Britney Haynes (BB12 & BB14), Nicole Franzel raced alongside her fiance, Victor Arroyo (BB18). Yet, the Big Brother ladies didn’t have any direct issues then.

Problems started when Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo back-stabbed Janelle Pierzina’s good friend (and former Big Brother player Rachel Reilly) after Rachel tried to warn Victor and Nicole about an alliance targeting them.  Victor and Nicole didn’t take it well and targeted Rachel. No good deed goes unpunished.

This occurred after JJanelle Pierzina was already out of The Amazing Race. But in interviews leading up to the Big Brother 22 All-Stars  season, Janelle has said some less than flattering things about Nicole. Janelle called her a whiner and says that she plays the victim a lot during the game.  This caused Nicole to say things about Janelle.


Big Brother: Janelle Pierzina

BB22 Females Get Catty

So, there was some tension between Nicole Franzel and rival Janelle Pierzina before they entered the Big Brother 22 house. That’s despite that Nicole said she invited her to her wedding. The bad blood’s festering in the toxicity that can come with the game. They constantly bash each other on the Live Feeds.

Big Brother fans think Nicole is a little jealous of the other blonde. Meanwhile, Janelle Pierzina figured out Nicole’s been smack-talking behind her back. Plus, Janelle’s done her fair share of smack talking. Then, there was an actual confrontation on Sunday’s episode when Nicole chose Janelle to take her spot as a Have Not.

Of course, it wasn’t only that. Nicole Franzel made it nasty by adding that Janelle “likes to talk about me” while making her choice. Obviously, Pierzina couldn’t just let that little remark slide and it led to a little Big Brother spat between them with her saying she can’t stand Nicole Franzel’s “whiney voice.”

Big Brother: Janelle Wants the Last Laugh

There’s been speculation that there will be some kind of battle back this Big Brother season. Previously, Janelle Pierzina said that production told her she wouldn’t go home until mid-September, even if the house evicts her. So, she thinks there will be a competition to enter the house.

However, the first two evicted from Big Brother went home and aren’t part of any comeback twist. But, that doesn’t mean BB production won’t launch one this week. Our source at CBS said that the producers aren’t happy to see powerhouse Janelle Pierzina go out this early.

So, wait to see if they launch a twist to bring her back. Currently, she’s on the block next to Kaysar Ridha and it looks like she’s the target. Plus, she told Kaysar and Bayleigh Dayton that she wants them to “win HoH” and “send Nicole Franzel packing so that I can whoop her a** in the battle back”.

Although her game is just about over, she’s not done playing just yet. Wait and see if she’s evicted this week – and gets another shot at Nicole Franzel.

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