‘Big Brother’ LEAK: Two Players Confirmed for BB22 All-Stars – Did Family Members Slip Up?

Big Brother 22 may have just seen the first of its official cast leaked by family members of the potential players. CBS didn’t release the cast on Wednesday like previously advertised, likely due to positive COVID-19 results from two cast members.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get anything in the past couple of days leading to the identities of some of the potential houseguests. It looks like two family members may have accidentally let it slip that their relative or spouse will be on the show. So, who’s got the loose lips and who’s appearing on BB22?

Big Brother 22: Casting Reveal Delayed For COVID-19 Testing

It appears that COVID-19 tests for the cast of Big Brother 22 didn’t go off without a hitch. Robyn Kass, the casting director for the show, said they would release the official cast on Monday, July 27 but later deleted her tweet saying so. Then, the cast interviews were supposedly going to drop on Wednesday, July 29 according to the live feeds. Yet, they later changed to say the cast interviews are “coming soon”.

According to our sources close to production, one or more of the potential cast members tested positive for COVID-19. The two Big Brother alums were reported to have been clubbing in Miami before leaving for the monumental Big Brother season. While it’s impossible to say this is how they tested positive, the optics don’t look good.

Note: Soap Dirt withheld the names of the two contestants until after they make a public statement.

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Big Brother: Tyler Crispen

Tyler Crispen: His Mom Spoils BB22 Appearance

Our first confirmed Big Brother 22 hopeful appears to be Tyler Crispen if his mother’s Facebook is anything to go by. Tyler’s mom Charline Feltner was joining groups on the social media platform and in the process spilled some very juicy details. She revealed this summer will be the “second season” watching her son Tyler Crispen.

Tyler’s mother said she “hopes he makes it on and wins”. Obviously, Tyler Crispen has only played Big Brother once and we know he came in second place. So, she must be talking about the upcoming BB22 season and accidentally confirmed her son as one of the many prospective houseguests.

Big Brother 22: Swaggy C Says Bayleigh Dayton is “Away”

Another alum waiting in the wings as a possible BB22 player is reportedly Bayleigh Dayton. It appears that her husband Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams confirmed her absence. In a recent video he shared with his fans, he talks about Bayleigh. He says he’s focusing on his career and making his wife happy. Swaggy said “obviously, she’s on a show now” and fans are sure he’s talking about Big Brother 22. 

He could be talking about her appearance on MTV’s The Challenge. Yet, that was already filmed months ago, so she wouldn’t still be away. There are almost no reality shows in production right other than Big Brother. And what would BB be if they had Tyler Crispen and didn’t bring in Bayleigh Dayton. She had one of the most iconic meltdowns in the show’s history because of Tyler.

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It looks like both Bayleigh and Tyler are almost definitely some of the likely contenders for the much anticipated 22nd season.

BB22 premieres on CBS on August 5 at 9/8c.

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