‘Big Brother 22’ COVID Plan – Hope Still Alive for ‘BB22’ This Summer

Big Brother‘s season 22 would air this Summer with Julie Chen hosting. But with so many shows shutting down at CBS, many BB fans are understandably worried. But, we’ve got good news about the fate of BB22. Here are the latest updates on casting for the reality show and what you need to know.

Big Brother: What We Know So Far About BB22

Don’t worry Big Brother fans, there are several things we know about the upcoming season 22 of the hit reality series. For one, Julie Chen once again takes the reins as the season’s leading lady. She holds the record as the longest-serving host of any of the franchise’s various versions.

Also, casting director Robin Kass confirmed that Big Brother online casting closed as of April 3. Usually, CBS holds open casting calls around the country. This year, due to COVID-19, those events won’t happen. However, it looks like the show’s on track to cast the people they need for Big Brother 22, hosted by Julie Chen.

Big Brother: Robyn Kass

Robyn Kass Hints Show Still on Schedule For Summer Premiere?

It seems like BB22 is still on track to screen this Summer, according to the casting director, Robyn Kass. The show’s longtime casting head made a statement about Big Brother hopefuls missing the casting deadline. She said, “every year we get flooded” with applicants trying to get in the day after the deadline”. No one is an exception to the rule.

Since casting is on schedule, does that mean Big Brother will still be on our televisions this Summer? No doubt, it depends on the pandemic curve in the coming months. Robyn says she just casts the shows and moves onto the next project without any other involvement. However, if everyone in the house was free of coronavirus, it seems like locked in the BB house might be a safe place to be.

And Julie Chen could always greet evicted houseguests without a live audience – as we’ve seen on the Canadian and German versions of the show in recent weeks. Although Canada called it quits on their season, Germany’s Big Brother‘s ongoing even now.

Big Brother: Robyn Kass

Is Big Brother 22 Still Happening?

While the season could face a start delay, Julie Chen doesn’t typically kick off the show until the end of June. So, perhaps the COVID curve flattens after this lockdown in time for Big Brother to go off without a hitch. Yet, even if production has to wait for the all-clear, the show will definitely still air at some point – given the latest casting leaks.

Since all television shows have shut down filming, CBS will need something for viewers to watch in the Fall. That’s when a lot of shows begin airing new seasons. So, perhaps BB22 could run later than usual – Fall instead of Summer. Be sure to check back here for the latest updates on the reality show’s (hopefully) upcoming season. Plus, another positive sign is that Julie Chen’s been retweeting BB posts. Wait and see.

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