Julie Chen Wants ‘DWTS’ Carrie Ann Inaba As New ‘The Talk’ Host

Big Brother and Julie Chen belong together and the same holds true for Carrie Ann Inaba and DWTS. There’s no need for fans to worry about Julie Chen leaving Big Brother. Despite her departure from The Talk on CBS, her primetime gig with the network stays.

Big Brother, The Talk, and Dancing with the Stars

As far as Carrie Ann Inaba goes, Julie Chen’s recent announcement might lead the Dancing with the Stars judge to Chen’s vacant seat on The Talk. But that still doesn’t mean Inaba would leave DWTS. Julie Chen did primetime and daytime shows back to back for a long time. Carrie Ann could follow in her footsteps.

It looks like Julie Chen has created somewhat of a crossover of shows with her taped announcement yesterday.

Julie Chen announced her departure from The Talk yesterday in a taped message shot on the Big Brother set. It appeared she was on the cusp of a tear but she reeled herself back in. From there, Julie Chen kept to the subject at hand. Her mention of Carrie Ann Inaba in that message sent the DWTS judge into shock. This was not something she expected, said Carrie Ann. It bowled her over when Chen offered support of her “Asian Sister” as a replacement for her vacancy on The Talk.

Julie Chen Honors DWTS Carrie Ann Inaba

Dancing with the Star’s Carrie Ann Inaba discussed this with Steve Harvey on the Steve TV Show. The DWTS judge gushed about just how honored she is that Julie Chen would eye her to take her place. Steve Harvey spoke up and said, “Television has to recognize the diversity of the world and they have to reflect that.” He said that about Chen wanting Carrie Ann in her spot.

Chen has been nothing but a trooper since her husband’s alleged scandal hit the air. Furthermore, she’s been a supportive wife as well. Fans noticed something different with a recent Big Brother sign-off by Chen. Instead of just “Julie Chen,” she referred to herself as “Julie Chen Moonves.” Chen doesn’t usually use her married name on TV. She did so on Big Brother and this term of endearment looked like it was in support of her husband.

Julie Chen Uses Big Brother Set to Say Goodbye to The Talk

Julie Chen announced on the Big Brother set that she was quitting The Talk.  This announcement is due to her husband Les Moonves exit as President and CEO of CBS due to sexual misconduct allegations.

Chen’s message aired from the set of Big Brother this week. Chen didn’t join her “sisterhood” of co-hosts on The Talk as their new season opened this week. Instead, that taped message was her farewell to The Talk after eight seasons.

Why The Talk and Not Big Brother?

So why is Chen staying with one CBS show and not the other? Big Brother 20 has just a few episodes left. So, it makes no sense to vacate. Plus, BB has not yet been renewed for another season by CBS, so there’s no decision there to make at the moment. However, continued appearances on The Talk would be problematic given the #MeToo allegations against her husband.

Chen also said, “Right now, I need to spend more time at home with my husband and my son.” It remains to be seen if she’ll stick with Big Brother when and if CBS renews its summer staple.

As far as Carrie Anne Inaba goes, it sounds like she would jump at the chance to host The Talk. Besides Chen’s message and Carrie Anne’s response, there’s no official offer as yet.

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