‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: JC Says BB20 Production Called Him a Rapist

Big Brother spoilers show JC Mounduix speaking on live feeds saying production called him a “rapist”. He told the story to house guest Tyler Crispen about his worst day in the BB20 house. If what JC said is accurate, it’s pretty shocking that production would slap that label on the houseguest. Admittedly, JC Mounduix’s behavior this season has been sketchy at times, but it’s a next-level accusation that they would call him a “rapist”. Those are JC’s words but some context is needed to understand what he said about production and Big Brother’s effort to shut him up on the final night of live feeds.

Spilling Tea on Final Night of BB20 Live Feeds

Big Brother spoilers from last night’s feeds had JC Mounduix, Tyler Crispen, and Kaycee Clark doing a tour of the house and recounting their 99 days in the house. When they got to the bathroom, that’s when the rapist conversation happened. It was interesting. If you have CBS All Access, go to the flashback function for September 25 at 10 pm.

BB20 live feeds showed JC Mounduix, Tyler and Kaycee talking about JC showering with some of the girls. He admitted to lathering up with Kaitlyn Herman, Rachel Swindler, Haleigh Broucher, and Angela Rummans. Although the showers weren’t sexual, you could see that Tyler had a look like he was wishing he’d showering with Angela… Then the juicy stuff was next.

Big Brother Spoilers: JC Mounduix Says Production Called Him Rapist

Then the Big Brother live video feeds had the final three break into a conversation about JC’s worst night in the house. Tyler laughed about JC leaving the bathroom door open on Haleigh and JC said he wanted to kill Sam that night.

Then JC Mounduix said, “And then they [production] called me the next morning because of that and because I f-king kissed your armpit in the middle of the night”.

Tyler said, “And that led to your worst day” and then you can hear production in the background trying to get them to stop talking. They kept talking anyway.

JC Mounduix then said, “That was the worst day I ever had – they f-king called me a rapist”.

Tyler and Kaycee were stunned. Tyler said “Shut up” and Kaycee said “they did not” and JC did back down somewhat and admitted they didn’t outright call him a rapist but said, “that was basically what they gave me to understand”.

Then production got louder with their insistence saying “stop” and “stop doing that”. The last three houseguests left the bathroom and continued their house tour and reminiscence.

JC’s Troubled Times in BB20

Big Brother spoilers and video feeds remind that this is not JC Mounduix’s first and only time being controversial on Big Brother. Unfortunately, there are many instances. Like his use of the n-word when speaking to former house guest Bayleigh Dayton. And his attack on house guest Haleigh Broucher’s physical appearance, driving her to consider plastic surgery.

Big Brother Spoilers tell us that JC Mounduix’s rain of terror was not limited to only a few in the house. Both Tyler Crispen and Faysal Shafaat had encounters of their own. Faysal’s run ins with JC were not physical as much as they were emotional. Even though Faysal thought that they were on the same side, he would constantly berate him with insults. Calling him stupid, and his “little puppet.” Tyler’s incident with him was something that caught live feeder’s by surprise. Famously his inappropriate touching of housemate Tyler Crispen while Tyler was sleeping.

BB Spoilers: What Happens Outside of the Big Brother House?

JC Mounduix has always been a polarizing figure this Big Brother season. Now live feeds show him almost sounding remorseful for his decisions on live TV. He has a very slim chance of winning Big Brother 20. Keep in mind that finale night is a live show. So will his first night outside of the house be greeted with applause or backlash?

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