‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tyler Crispen & Kaycee Clark Dominate Final HoH Part 1 and 2

Big Brother spoilers reveal Tyler Crispen and Kaycee Clark are dominating the BB20 final HoH comps. Tyler won Part One of the Head of Household competition and Kaycee has now won Part Two. They have both been crushing the competitions. They are both comp beasts in BB house ad will battle it out to decide who becomes final HoH. JC Mounduix is now out of the running for final BB20 Head of Household.

JC Mounduix’s reign of HOH was short-lived now that what’s left of the Level 6 alliance has the control again. The third HOH is the deciding factor of who goes to final two. It’ll be the female football player versus the Hilton Head lifeguard with JC on the sidelines.

Big Brother Spoilers – Will Tyler Crispen Stay True to His Final Two Deal?

If Tyler Crispen were to win the final HOH competition, then he has an important decision to make. He has a final two deal with Kaycee Clark that he has stayed loyal to up to this point. Live Feed spoilers tell us that the two have been talking final two ever since the numbers have dwindled down in the house.

The live feeds also showed the two saying quote “final two baby” many times. But if he decides to break his final two deal with her and take JC Mounduix instead, how will that sway the jury? JokersUpdates.com confirmed that Kaycee won part one and Tyler won part two of the HoH comp.

Has Loyalty Hurt Kaycee Clark’s Game? – BB20

Kaycee Clark has been loyal to Tyler Crispen from the beginning. Longtime Big Brother fans have said that it would be best for Kaycee Clark’s BB20 game to take JC Mounduix to final two instead of Tyler. The only chance  JC has of final two now is if the final Head of Household winner of part three takes him to the end.

When compared to JC’s moves in the Big Brother house, Kaycee’s gameplay and jury management shine supreme. Jury could find her the more likable choice. But with her unwavering loyalty to Tyler and their final two deal, she may not send Tyler to the jury house. But “expect the unexpected.”

Big Brother 20 – Final Two is a Half a Million Dollar Decision

Big Brother spoilers tell us If either Tyler Crispen or Kaycee Clark decide that they can beat JC in the end then JC Mounduix will make it to the last day of Big Brother. Now that the BB house is down to three, the remaining houseguests have more time to ponder their final moves. The two seem unstoppable.

These two controlled the Big Brother house with their level six alliance and with their individual games as well. Will Tyler decide to stay true to the final two deal he made with Kaycee Clark ? will her loyalty to Tyler be her downfall on finale night?

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