‘Big Brother’: GoFundMe Started For Sam Smith’s Son’s Medical Bills

Big Brother 21 cast member Sam Smith is deep in debt due to medical bills. One of his son’s, Bradley, was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis which was treated with surgery. But since then has suffered from complications that have resulted in on-going medical bills for Sam’s family. This was a huge motivation for him to win the $500,000. Someone started a GoFundMe for the Smith family to help pay off their debt and is quickly gaining momentum.

Big Brother: Sam Smith’s Son Diagnosed With Uncommon Condition

Former Big Brother houseguest Sam Smith has a baby son (Bradley Smith) that has developed a rare condition called pyloric stenosis. Bradley developed this when he was only several weeks old. It’s a condition where a muscular valve between the stomach and small intestine blocks food from being digested. It can cause severe symptoms like dehydration and projectile vomiting.

Pyloric stenosis is treatable by a surgery that creates a passage for the food to travel through the small intestine. Usually, there are no complications and the babies are perfectly healthy. But the Big Brother player’s son has suffered from several including stool blockages and fevers reaching 108. Sam and his wife Melissa have been taking him to a specialist, which is extremely expensive.

Father Goes On BB21 For His Kids – Friends Start GoFundMe

One of the main reasons Sam Smith decided to come onto Big Brother 21 was for his two sons. He even explained in several interviews how much he loves his family and what they mean to him. Sam may not get to see them when he’s on the road driving trucks, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an intense love for his boys.

During the live feeds Sam Smith talked about his family and how his reasoning for going on the show was to use the prize money to pay off medical bill. Although, he went home this week with barely anything, some of his friends began a GoFundMe to help out the family and are asking the BB community for donations. It was originally to build them a pool but changed to paying off the debt according to the page.

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Big Brother: Fundraiser For Sam’s Son Almost At Halfway Point To Goal

Sam Smith’s friends started the GoFundMe page only eight days ago and it has slowly picked up speed. The fundraiser has reached $2,070 from sixty-four people in just a short amount of time and is already almost halfway to the $5,000 goal. The number is still climbing!

Big Brother fans from all over have shown their support with donations and kind words of encouragement for the Pennsylvanian truck driver. Some are even petitioning to vote him America’s Favorite Player which comes with a $25,000 check. We hope Sam and his family reach their goal and are able to completely pay off Bradley’s medical bills.

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