‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Sam Smith Blows Up Six Shooters Alliance in Last Ditch Effort

Big Brother spoilers tease Sam Smith blowing up the six shooters alliance in a last ditch effort to stay. He sits next to Kathryn Dunn on the block. He’s almost guaranteed to be sitting with Julie Chen at the end of the night. But he’s not going down without a fight and he’s trying to bring the whole ship with him. He spread rumors to several members of the alliance, including Analyse Talavera and Christie Murphy. Which started a terrible game of whisper down the lane. Will Sam’s desperate move keep him in the game?

Big Brother Spoilers: Sam Smith Nominated For Eviction

With his alliance member Isabella Wang getting sent home last week, it was inevitable that Six Shooters were gonna take a shot at Sam Smith or Nick Maccarone if they won HoH. Which is exactly what happened when Holly Allen won the Head of Household comp. Holly outlasted everyone in the first Big Brother endurance competition of the season.

Holly Allen nominated Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone, but Nick managed to secure the PoV and took himself down. So, Holly threw up Kathryn as a “pawn” to ensure that Sam would go home this week. Yet, Sam wasn’t going down without a fight. He stirred the pot in an effort to change the tides of fate.

Sam Starts Gossiping to Cause Trouble

Sam Smith knows he is the target this week and is almost certainly going home. But, that didn’t stop him from spreading some rumors and planting seeds among his fellow Big Brother houseguests. He started by telling Analyse Talavera some things that her alliance member Christie Murphy did. Then, Analyse reported it all back to Holly, who started questioning Christie’s loyalty.

Sam’s primary target in this seems to be Christie, whose game he plans to blow up. In fact, his entire eviction speech is centered around her. Little did he know it would impact the entirety of the Six Shooters. He also got Nick on board with all his anti-Christie talk. Kat Dunn could be stunned at the live eviction of Sam gets his way.

Big Brother Spoilers: Will Six Shooters Turn on Christie Murphy?

Many alliances tend to implode eventually during the Big Brother season, with Six Shooters possibly being the latest victim. Sam Smith’s anti-Christie campaign might have struck a chord with Jackson Michie, who discussed it with Holly Allen. Then, he went to Jack Matthews and talked about possibly flipping the vote.

This eventually got back to Christie, who has been known to become extremely paranoid, especially when someone’s eating brussel sprouts. She might even blow up her own game and do all of Sam Smith’s work for him by the end of the week. Tune in to the live Big Brother eviction episode tonight to see who goes home.

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