‘Big Brother’: Jack and Analyse Hook Up in the Shower – Get Caught by Nicole and Sam

Big Brother 21‘s Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera were in the shower together doing a little bit more than lathering up. This gave Nicole Anthony and Sam Smith got the shock of a lifetime last night. The two wandered up to the HoH bedroom and discovered something better left unseen.  Nicole and Sam were surprised to say the least. But it didn’t stop them from spreading the news.

Big Brother: Jack Matthews & Analyse Talavera Have Been Sleeping Together for Some Time

While it may have shocked Nicole Anthony and fellow houseguest Sam Smith, Big Brother live feeders have known what’s been going on for some time now. Analyse Talavera and Jack Matthews have been intimate since the first week. When Jack won HoH the two hooked up in the shower more than a few times.

Fans were subject to the knowledge that Jack and Analyse were doing the dirty up in the Head of Household room. But they’re not the only couple to have “done the deed.” Nick Maccarone and Bella Wang, Jackson Michie and Kathryn Dunn, and then Jackson and Holly Allen have all gotten intimate.

Nicole Anthony & Sam Smith Walk in on Analyse & Jack in the Shower

Sam Smith and Nicole Anthony visited the Big Brother HoH room last night. They rung the doorbell and nobody answered. There wasn’t a response after several tries, so they thought they were being ignored. According to Nicole they, “swing open the door” and ‘don’t see anyone around.” So, obviously they thought that the room was empty. That is until they heard the shower running and other noises.

They must have put two and two together and realized that Jack and Sis were doing much more than “showering.” Sam and Nicole then left, but the latter retold the story to Jessica Milagros later on. The two giggled about the encounter in one of the bedrooms.

Big Brother: Nicole & Sam Tell Analyse What Happened

There have been very few secrets this season, so Sam and Nicole telling Analyse what they walked in on is not surprising. But it was to Analyse, who was mortified to know that they had overheard her and Jack getting dirty in the shower. Sam reassured her that it’s a natural and “beautiful” thing and that Nick and Bella were definitely louder. Still, Analyse was embarrassed about it regardless. Although, probably not enough to stop her and Jack’s shower time altogether. Big Brother airs tonight on CBS!

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