‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie Wet His Pants During HoH Comp

Big Brother left out an interesting tactic used by Jackson Michie during last night’s HoH competition. He actually peed his pants while competing in the endurance challenge. Then again, it’s probably not the first time a houseguest has used this strategy to remain in the comp. But, it’s definitely the most obvious time with a visible trail of liquid leading Jackson’s pant-leg. Did CBS just miss this hilarious incident or are they saving the Tennessee native’s pride?

Big Brother: Endurance HoH Causes Trouble Jackson Michie

Last episode’s HoH competition was endurance-based called Pose in Ivy, requiring a lot of strength from the houseguests participating. Big Brother 21 players had to hold themselves up with multiple different bungee cord vines and not touch the ground. Jessica Milagros and Nicole Anthony fell down before Thursday’s live episode was over.

Sam Smith, Christie Murphy, Nick Maccarone, Jack Matthews and Tommy Bracco were eliminated in that order. They dropped over the next 40 minutes. It became an intense battle between the remaining players Jackson Michie, Kathryn Dunn, Holly Allen and Analyse Talavera. One that Holly would come out victorious in.

CBS Didn’t Show Jackson Michie Wetting Himself

Having been up there for such a long time, it’s understandable that one might have to use to restroom. Which is exactly what happened to Jackson Michie around the hour mark. A steady stream of yellowish liquid comes from his pants in a moment not shown on TV.

During the Big Brother Head of Household competition, there were foamy liquids being thrown at the houseguests. But, this was a dead moment for the competition meaning that it could only be pee running down Jackson Michie’s leg. Watch the moment below to decided for yourself.

Big Brother: Fans Say Jackson Got Taste Of His Own Medicine

Besides the fact that he literally peed himself on camera, fans are in giggles because he fell right in his own puddle. Jackson Michie has been a bit of a bully all season and it seems the tables have turned. Although, the taste of his own medicine part might have occurred a little too literally. Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night on CBS.

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