‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: The Results of America’s Field Trip Revealed

Big Brother spoilers reveal the America’s Field Trip results. Jackson Michie, Analyse Talavera and Christie Murphy were the three houseguests that America chose to participate. The winner gets safety for a week and the loser becomes a special third nominee. Unfortunately for Christie, the odds weren’t in her favor and she came in last place, receiving an automatic ticket for the chopping block. On the other hand, Jackson Michie won the whole thing which makes him untouchable for a week.

Big Brother Spoilers: America’s Field Trip Participants Revealed

In a brand new twist for Big Brother, American fans were tasked with the responsibility of choosing three houseguests. This group of players gets to participate in America’s Field Trip. But it’s not as fun as it sounds because whoever comes in last gets an automatic nomination for eviction.

the winning houseguest is safe for the week, while second place comes back with a punishment. Jack Matthews was on of the favorites to go but his eviction caused another houseguest to take the spot. Now, Jackson Michie, Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera will be taking part in the twist.

Christie Murphy Upset About Losing

It was a no brainer to figure out that Christie was the one that lost the challenge. Since the feeds returned, she has been crying about it a lot. Especially to the current HoH and her ride-or-die Tommy Bracco. Now she’s a special Big Brother third nominee with a big target on her back.

Jessica Milagros and Kathryn Dunn are already discussing the option to vote out Christie. Kat even said, “I will gun for that veto,” so that neither Tommy nor Christie could use it. It’s ironic that she could go home on his week in power. That’s just how the game works. Expect the unexpected.

Jackson Michie Comes Out On Top

In retrospect, picking the three people that are disliked the most does have its drawbacks. Fans voted for Jackson Michie because they wanted him to get punished in some way. But as it turns out, he was the one that came in first place in the twist.

So, this means he is safe from the block for an entire week of Big Brother. Which is a little upsetting for most fans because they wanted to see him squirm a little bit. At least they can have the satisfaction of watching Christie Murphy fall apart for a whole week.

Big Brother Spoilers: Analyse Gets A Punishment

As the person who came in second, Analyse is going to get a special punishment. It hasn’t been revealed, but it probably won’t fit the Cali girl’s usual style. This will be the first time anything bad has happened to her in the game. Well, besides her showmance with Jack Matthews that made people see them as a duo. Watch Big Brother on Sunday to see it all play out.

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