‘Big Brother’: Is Jackson Michie’s Mom Trying to Block Live Feeds?

Big Brother news reveals Jackson Michie‘s mother might be taking action to protect her son’s image. According to a tweet from BB19 alum Jessica Graf, there’s a rumor about Jackson’s mom hiring an attorney. This is so she can get CBS to turn off live feeds whenever Jackson is saying something bad. Which might have happened, because production has been switching cameras and cutting feeds whenever another houseguest talks about him negatively. So, is Jackson’s mother actually suing CBS?

Big Brother: Jackson Michie’s Live Feed Behavior Revealed

Jackson Michie has been receiving a very nice edit during episodes of Big Brother so far. But his actions on the live feeds are very inappropriate say some live feed watchers. For example, he cheated on his Have-Not diet and was not punished for it.

Jackson Michie also said he wanted to “mule kick” fellow Big Brother houseguest David Alexander in the teeth. And along with Jack Matthews, repeatedly bashed Kemi Faknule when she was still in the game. He’s also hooked up with both Kathryn Dunn and Holly Allen and then told others about it.

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Should CBS Have Casted Someone With Criminal Background and Mental Health Disorder?

CBS has always claimed to have an intense casting process where they deeply vet each Big Brother contestant. Mental health is an important part of casting because the social experiment is taxing and can trigger relapses. Which is what happened to Megan Lowder on BB19 who self-evicted after having a PTSD episode.

Jackson Michie has also revealed some worrying things about his past that have fans questioning whether he should have been cast. Jackson said that his mom saved him from going to jail which might have been due to domestic violence. Another thing Michie said was that he had an eating disorder and that before he came into the Big Brother house he was taking a ton of Xanax and quit cold turkey. BB fans have questioned whether or not CBS even knew about it before he got into the game and if so, how they could cast him anyway.

Rumor Surfaces About Jackson Michie’s Mom Suing CBS – Possible Proof?

BB 19 star Jessica Graf tweeted yesterday, asking if a rumor about Jackson Michie’s mama suing Big Brother or CBS was legitimate. She wondered if his mom was actually, “hiring a lawyer to have CBS cut feeds whenever Jackson says something bad.” Jess went on ask if anyone could confirm or deny the rumor but no one seems to know.

Yet, the Big Brother production has been switching and cutting feeds whenever one of the houseguests make a negative comment about Jackson. It has happened several times, so maybe his mother actually scared them into complying or they just want to protect the image they have created for him.

Big Brother: Cast Members Have to Sign Major Forms to Participate

It may be difficult to take legal action against the CBS franchise because each contestant basically signs their life away. The players acknowledge they’ll be watched 24/7 and CBS has rights to everything they film.  Big Brother airs tonight on CBS.

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