‘Big Brother’: Is Jackson Michie from Tennessee Coming in Too Hot?

Big Brother‘s new houseguest Jackson Michie might enter the BB house and get sent right back out. During several interviews he talked about how he wants to win the first HoH to establish his physical prowess. Then use his charming “salesman” skills to have the other players under his spell. But could this plan backfire and send him home in the first week?

Big Brother: Meet Jackson Michie

Jackson Michie is a 24-year-old server (AKA aspiring actor) from Nashville who currently calls Los Angeles home. He appears to be a super confident guy if not a little overconfident in his abilities. Jackson plans on using his physical strength to win Big Brother competitions. But not before carefully picking and choosing which ones.

His other technique to go far in the game is his personality. Jackson describes himself as a natural born salesman who says no matter what he’s selling, “I can sell it.” Will be able to sell himself to the rest of the Big Brother houseguests?

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Could Winning The First HoH Backfire?

Not a lot of houseguests want to win the very first Head-of-Household comp on Big Brother. It puts a huge target on the person’s back. Not to mention that fact that they have to decide who the first people on the block will be. And sometimes there is not a clear choice which can be extremely stressful. Especially if their target ends up remaining in the house.

As Jackson Michie told Jeff Schroeder, he is gunning for the first HoH of the season. Apparently he wants to take on the burden and reap the rewards. It might result in some pretty solid alliances since everyone will want to be on his good side.

Big Brother 21: Jackson Michie Is Not There To Make Friends

“I’m there to win,” Jackson Michie tells Ika Wong of ET Canada, “until the day they put the $500,000 check in my hands.” So, Jackson is not there for the relationships and although he is single ladies, he is putting the game first and foremost. He is not there to make friends and will do what it takes to win it all. Will he be able to play the game without getting distracted by all the pretty women?

Find out when Big Brother 21 premieres this Tuesday on CBS at 8!

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