‘Big Brother’: The Reason Behind Tommy Bracco’s Unexpected Eviction

Big Brother player Tommy Bracco was evicted Thursday night over Holly Allen. It seemed that Holly was heading to jury until the house held a big meeting. There, Jackson Michie crafted a story so believable it turned the house against the Broadway dancer. But since the explosive confrontation won’t air on CBS until Sunday, here’s what went down.

Big Brother: Tommy Bracco Campaigns to Nicole Anthony & Cliff Hogg

Since he was sitting on the block next to Holly Allen, Tommy Bracco decided to do a little campaigning. He made his pitch to Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III. By pledging loyalty to the other duo still left in the Big Brother game, he hoped to ensure Holly’s eviction on Thursday. Tommy promised Cliff and Anthony that he would do whatever they wanted.

Also, he swore he would take them both to final three if he won this next HoH. But little did he know that Jackson Michie was pulling a Christie Murphy and listened just outside of the door. He heard everything Tommy pitched to them and tiptoed away before he was caught. What would he do with the information he overheard? Blow up the Big Brother 21 house, it seems.

Jackson Michie Crafts Giant Lie

After eavesdropping on Tommy Bracco’s conversation with Cliff and Nicole, Jackson Michie went into the Diary Room. Which was odd because Big Brother production hadn’t called him to come in. Later, he came out and found Holly Allen. He asked loudly if she heard him “being called to the diary room”. She just happened to be in the RV with Nicole and Cliff. Jackson told them it was an “isolated incident” when they asked why it didn’t take so long.

Then, he started telling them that they couldn’t trust anything Tommy Bracco told them. He even told them a false story about Tommy. He blabbed Tommy’s convo back to them word for word, but making it seem like Tommy offered him and Holly the same deal. Nicole and Cliff didn’t know that Jackson had overheard their private conversation, so his big lie seem very believable. He made it look like Tommy was playing both sides. Nicole called a Big Brother 21 house meeting to confront Tommy, in the end, Jackson Michie’s lie worked.

Big Brother 21: Explosive House Meeting Seals Tommy’s Fate

Several hours earlier than usual, BB21 cut the live feeds as the group gathered for a house meeting. Jackson planned on confronting Tommy  Bracco about (the fake) story to prove he should be the one they evict. This was all a clever plan to save his showmance partner Holly Allen.

Viewers will see the explosive house meeting on Sunday night’s episode. Tommy cried and yelled about Jackson lying. He pleaded with Holly to “be your own person”. Unfortunately for the Broadway dancer, it seemed Michie told the lie more convincingly than Tommy Bracco told the truth. Watch the dramatic BB21 house meeting this Sunday at 8 pm on CBS.

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